A question about 'Mystique' for longtime, die-hard Marvel Comic Geeks...

It seems that Mystique is one of the most popular Marvel Comics characters nowadays, thanks in large part due to her prominent role in both X-Men movies. And I’ll bet more than a few “young’uns” out there think that the character originated in “the Uncanny X-Men” series.

I’m old enough (alas!) to remember that she originally appeared in the short-lived, mid-70s “Ms. Marvel” series. Yes, I was so much of a geek that I even read “Ms. Marvel” - occasionally. Of course, back issues of this series go for pennies, and few (if any) people bothered to preserve their own copies. And my memory is a bit hazy, but some niggling, nitpicky things about Mystique’s appearances there still bug me to this day.

First off, Mystique (who, IIRC, wasn’t even referred to as Mystique - only as Raven Darkholme) was always in the backgrounds plotting furiously to destroy Ms. Marvel. Later on, she sicced Rogue on her, and tossed the depowered Carol Danvers off the Golden Gate bridge. But I can’t remember why, or if a reason was ever given. What started this fued?

Also, I do recall an issue of “Ms. Marvel” in which she reported in to a mysterious superior officer. She referred to him as “Lord” and reluctantly obeyed his demand that she lay off her fued with Ms. Marvel. Who was this guy?

Lastly (and this is the one I’m least sure about), I hazily recall an incident in which Raven shot energy beams out of her eyes at a hapless victim, a la Cyclops. Obviously, this ability of hers (if she did have it, I readily admit I might not be remembering this correctly) was dropped when she was brought over to the X-Men series.

It’s possible that the editors at Marvel figured so few folks actually read “Ms. Marvel” that they could simply discard these plot threads and pretend they never existed. OTHO, given the obsessive desire for Marvel Comics explain every bit of backstory for their characters, these questions could have been filled in after I’d stopped reading comics. Anyone know if these plot points were ever dealt with, or explained in any way?

I belive that the first time I saw her was in Avengers annual #10(?), when the Brotherhood goes up against the Avengers, and Spider-Woman saves the defeated Ms. Marvel’s life. I’ll see if there’s anything in there about the feud.

I’ve never read Ms. Marvel, but according to Wikipedia:

I don’t know if the motive appeared in Ms. Marvel or was a retcon.

That must be a retcon. Neither Destiny nor Rogue existed in the “Ms. Marvel” series. And AFAIK, the familial situation with Mystique, Destiny & Rogue hadn’t been established. In Avengers Annual #10, Rogue still refers to Mystique as “Mystique” instead of "Mama " and Mystique doesn’t demonstrate an overwhelming concern for Rogue’s welfare that she would in later “X-Men” issues (she dispatches Rogue to take on the Avengers single-handedly!)