A question about the Walking Dead from someone who hasn't kept up with the show

I watched the first few seasons of The Walking Dead, but got bored with it and gave it up. Now I continually see teasers for it on AMC while watching Better Call Saul, and the clips shown make me wonder about something within the world of that show:

I see a lot of melee combat with zombies…an adversary that you really, really don’t want to get up close and personal with. At the current point in the show, has there been any explanation as to why:

  1. They don’t have a supply of firearms and ammunition?


  1. They haven’t had the idea of putting blades on the end of long poles, to make spears that would allow them to kill zombies without getting close enough to be bitten?

They do have a supply of weapons. One guy has figured out making bullets. And the spear thing has been done. Also swords and machetes, axes, arrows, knives of all kinds. Even fire has been used successfully.
ETA…guns make noise which attracts the dead.
Again…Morgan uses a pole with fancy skills to put down walkers.

You gave up at the right time, I’d guess halfway through Season 2.

But in general, at some point in every episode someone has to spend 5-10 seconds struggling with “the zombie with the most make up effort” to show off where the budget went.

Later there’s episodes with no zombie action at all.

Except that bit.

Overall, there are plotholes aplenty. They forget that its easy to camouflage themselves among zombies when smeared with zombie fluid. You would have thought everybody would be wearing a zombie coat by now, but nope. They just forgot that.

90% of the “random dude friend who dies” every few episodes is ALWAYS killed by a zombie coming out from under a cupboard on the floor. Do you think they ever look down in that dark place they’ve just went into? Make a bit of noise to make the floor zombies wake up and make noise? Nope.

I watched Walking Dead faithfully until sometime midway through Season 7. It just got boring, and I realized I stopped caring about the characters. I was really only watching out of habit, and it started to feel like a waste of time.

I’m kind of curious as to what’s going on in the show now, but the thought of the effort it would take to get caught up makes me indifferent again.

Well, as for smearing yourself with guts, Gabriel got sick from that method. And the saviors tried putting arrows in the infected and shooting people as a bio-weapon thing. It worked a bit.
Also Rick used the gut thing to get some people out of the way. It was the episode Carl lost his eye. Jada used that method as recently as last season to hide amongst the dead. I don’t see where it hasn’t been used to death, it’s kinda old school now. Y’all need to watch it again, this may be a stand out season.

What happened to slicing the jaws and arms off of zombies, rendering them not only docile but also repellent to other zombies?

Is Judith still alive, and how old is she by now?

Judith is alive, I’d say about 4yo. Carl is dead. Much of the original cast is gone. Glen was killed by Negan.

Three reasons I’m not excited about watching the recordings of this season on the cable DVR. :dubious:

Beckdawrek, do you live in a rural area and have cable? I’m in NLR since I got married, but I still have the trailer in the woods where I couldn’t get decent cable, and small dish satellite sucks in the woods.

I have directTV, for about 12 years. We’re in a very rural area. We were surprised it worked too. We have good southern exposure. Hughsnet works good here too. Cel service is shitty. No land lines, I have had a sat phone, it was worthless. We had to buy our own electric poles. The co-op graciously supplied the wire. We have 2 wells. And a septic system we put in ourselves. Not quite off the grid, but close.
ETA, we even have our own graveyard. I know TMI.

They can’t switch to more logical weapons because it’s based on a comic book. In the comics – like many (most? all?) comics – characters have a uniform. Michonne has a sword, Rick has his pistol, and as a nod to that, in the TV show Daryl has his crossbow. It’s stupid, but whaddya gonna do, right?

For anyone who stopped watching and is just barely curious, let me tell you an example of what you’re missing from the first episode this season:

7 main characters and a redshirt we never met before go out to find a wagon, as they’re embracing the wisdom of earlier eras. Their wagon gets stuck in the mud so the horses can’t pull them. At this point a dozen or so walkers are shown on the road behind them, so our large group of heroes (Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Carol, that King dude, Maggie, Aaron, etc…) all panic and run, abandoning the wagon and horses. I know, that doesn’t make any sense at all, but just go with it.

The redshirt loves horses, so he runs back to help the abandoned horse. Our heroes don’t go to help or defend him, but instead yell “Hey don’t do that, come back!” He gets bitten, of course. Even though it’s in the arm, they don’t cut it off like Herschel’s leg, they just lay him down to die.

So since this redshirt needs to have a dramatic death for plot reasons, while he’s laying down on the ground, HALF of our heroes – not all of them, just half – go back and easily kill every single walker. Now the redshirt can die in Maggie’s arms in a very tearful way.

So, uh, yeah. Why did our large group of heroes panic and run from a small group of zombies? HALF the heroes dispatched them so easily that it wasn’t even shown on screen when they did it. Who the fuck is writing this garbage?

Just in case you were thinking about coming back, that’s the quality writing we’re subjected to these days.

That was episode 1 this season. Episode 2 sets up a longterm conflict between the settlements, and the conflict is incredibly stupid.

Aw, man. It’s better written than that. A bit. We have the meeting of the 2 groups ‘fear the wd’ and ‘twd’ to look toward to. And Andrew Lincoln is leaving after this season.

In what way? Did anything I wrote not match what we were shown in the episode, or misrepresent it in any way?

The Walking Dead used to be my very favorite show on television, but it has fallen so far below what it once was that I think I’ve gone beyond anger and into sadness.

Unless one of the shows gets cancelled, that’s never going to happen. That’s why FtWD ended the season by abandoning the trip to Virginia altogether.

I get the dislike for the show even as a devoted viewer I too have become fatigued. The only time I get scared of the zombies now is when the humans are placed in impossible to survive situations and yet make it.

I guess the reason I keep watching are the characters— Rick, Carol, Darryl, Ezekiel, Jenny, Negan, I’ve invested so much time in them I want to k ow what happens next.
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I get it. You are disappointed in the show. It’s not meeting your expectations. I like it, though. I can’t help it. I love the characters. I love the story. If it’s badly written (that’s debatable) it works.
As far as the 2 groups meeting up, I think that’s happening. They have announced it.
Andrew Lincoln leaving is harder to swallow.
I am sorry you are not enjoying the show.

I lost some interest when they killed off Glenn, and more when they whacked Carl. We haven’t watch the recording yet this season.

They are overstaying their welcome by a lot. This should could have ended with a proper ending in season 5 and be better remembered by all of us.

Ratings are falling big-time now, so it might end soon. It will end with a whimper, though.