A question about your hair

Towel, comb, blow-dry, finger-style if necessary, spray.

Squeeze out the water before leaving the shower; wrap hair in a towel. Proceed with next couple of non-hair steps. Unwrap the turban, reverse the towel (other edge, not other surface) and rewrap. Continue with non-hair activities. Start getting dressed. When I get to the point where having a huge towel around my head interferes with getting dressed, unwrap the towel. Comb gently; take the first straight part that presents itself.


Dry off my head with a towel.

Towel, brush, let dry, brush again, go; no blowdrying, no stuff in it. I have really thick reddish hair (a freaking buttload of hair for a 45 yo man). I don’t dig high and tight hairdos (I don’t look good in them).

If I have to run to work, wring dry, play with the cats for a minute, brush and go.

If I have time, wring dry, play with the cats while it drip dries, goof off, and eventually brush it.

Towel Dry.
Brush out flat.
Then mess it up so the curls come back.
Spray leave in curl conditioner.
Put Gel in.
Try styling it a little and go.

If I am in a rush…

Towel Dry.
Brush out.
Brush up in a pony tail. (Though generally it gets frizzy and I hate frizz.)

This was me two years ago, though my hair was hip-length (sob my beautiful hair!).

Now at shoulder length, it’s towel dry, add mousse, scrunch, air dry. If I want extra bounce and have the time, I towel dry, mousse, twist sections into coils and pin to my skull, leave until just damp, unpin, and air dry.

Towel dry, comb, a bit of mousse, pull back with clips, done.

Take a dollop of conditioner, apply to wet hair with both hands.
Wrap hair in a towel for 10 minutes to get most of the moisture out (during this time, do other stuff like apply moisturizer, find clothes, etc).
Remove towel, take dollop of de-frizzing serum and apply.

…then go find something to do for the next 3 hours while my hair air dries, since any attempt to blow-dry or otherwise speed up the drying process will turn it into a giant ball of fuzz.


(I’ve been errr… blessed… with a mass of extremely thick curly hair, which is about mid-back length at the moment, since I can’t seem to find a single hairstylist in the entire city who knows how to work with it AND who’s willing to believe me when I tell them I want it short)

This - pretty much exactly

I can essentially show my hair a picture of a towel, and any H20 stragglers quickly make a run for it.

My wife hates me.

Rub it with a towel and comb it with a wide-tooth comb. If it’s been cut recently, no towel, and finger-comb.

Dry it with a towel.

Towel damp dry and push into place with fingers. Clothe self in sinuous, silky robe. Drink a flinty champagne on the patio while the housegirl paints my toenails. Comb. Dress. Call the limo.

Wrap it up in a towel for 10 minutes or so (while I do my face)
Brush out tangles
Blow dry: by sections with a brush if I want it straight, randomly with my hands if I don’t care about waves
Apply a dab of gel to the front above my forehead for volume, then blow dry that gel while running a pick through it.

Mine is much like Misnomer’s.
Towel wrapped, turban-style. (I remember asking a friend to teach me how she made those cool turbans with a towel. I thought they were so 50’s moviestarrish ! )

Next steps:
[ul][li]towel dry with second towel[/li][li]No combing[/li][li]Apply mousse and something to make my hair rougher [/li][li]Flip upside down and blow dry randomly. My hairdresser told me the important thing is to blowdry the hair untill completely dry. If you stop before that, the wet hair crushes any volume the blowdrying might have created. [/li][li]Brush, maybe use spray-gel[/li][li]Finish getting dressed[/li]Leave house[/ul]

Well, since it’s Sicily, 1920, I doubt I would be washing it just to go out, but if I did, I would simply let it air dry while I slipped into my various and sundry under-and outer-garments. While I put on the little makeup I would be wearing (a little powder, maybe some honey on my lips for shine), I would create a few pincurls on the sides and be done. Is the Tardis working again?

Huh. Don’t you have servants to call the limo for you?

I wrap a towel around my head before I step out of the shower. Next steps:[ul][li]Lightly rub hair with towel, take towel off[/li][li]Comb hair[/li][li]Apply leave-in conditioner to the ends[/li][li]Flip upside down and blow dry randomly[/li][li]Comb again[/li][li]Finish getting dressed[/li][li]Brush[/li][li]Leave house[/ul][/li][/QUOTE]

Pretty much this. Although one really good thing about longish hair is there are a lot of options. Sometimes I curl it, sometimes I use barrettes, sometimes I braid it or even put it in pigtails. I’ve always been really, really lucky that my hair is easy to do.

I must be the last woman on earth to use a curling iron. I have short, high-maintenence hair.

  • Towel turban
  • Slight air-drying while applying makeup
  • Goop thoroughly with hair gel
  • Blow-dry using round brush
  • Curlify entire hairdo using large fat curling iron
  • Spray entire head with liberal amount of hair spray

Don tiara. Done! :wink: