A question for Girls, what is physical attraction? It doesn't make sense to me, what is it?

I want to know about what is physical attraction. I search on internet that “What is physical attraction or Physical Attraction” but there is no clear-cut definition of physical attraction. Rather there is more confusing definition of Physical Attraction. Some people give some nonsense introduction but never give a clear-cut definition of Physical attraction.

The is a clear-cut definition of sexual attraction.
Sexual attraction - Sexual attraction is attraction on the basis of sexual desire or the quality of arousing such interest. Sexual attractiveness or sex appeal is an individual’s ability to attract the sexual or erotic interests of other people.

The more interesting thing is that guys and girls use different definition of Physical attraction vs Sexual attraction. That’s why I asked this question to girls.
Girls say, physical attraction means If you find someone physically attractive. Sexual attraction means If you want to have sex with someone.

So, logically speaking, girls can find another girls attractive, they can find their father, mother, brother, sister attractive. So, girls are physically attracted to these person? Girls are physically attracted to their mother? If no, then what is physical attraction if by your definition physical attraction means “if you find someone attractive”.

What is Physical Attraction actually? If it is a attraction then It is based on what?
Physical attraction is a attraction on the basis of what or the quality of arousing such (what kind of) interest?
How do you know whether you are experiencing physical attraction or sexual attraction?
I am really getting mad to find out what is actually Physical attraction. Romantic attraction makes sense because the word Romantic is here.
Sexual attraction makes sense because the word Sex/sexual is here.
But Physical attraction doesn’t make sense. What is it?

Romantic attraction means romantic desire, spark of romantic thought and evoke romantic feelings.
Sexual attraction means sexual desire, spark of sexual feelings etc.
Word itself can tell what kind of attraction it is and what kind of feelings associate with it?

But Physical attraction really doesn’t make sense. The word “Physical” itself can’t tell what kind of attraction it is and what kind of feelings associate with it.

Again with this?

Women aren’t sexually attracted to the male body?

Girls, if seeing masculine body doesn’t turn you on then how do men arouse you?

Are most girls bisexual, or at least bi-curious?

Do girls experience attraction when they see guys?

Do people know about their sexual orientation before experiencing first sexual attraction?

I am confused, that’s why I asked

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