A question of thread location

So, my mother in law has been working on creating a web based business. She is asking me a ton of questions about what she can do to increase her web presence. We are discussing SEO and things of that nature (what little I know of it, anyways) but I am kind of trying to figure out what all may be wrong with her website.

I would put it in Marketplace, but I’m not a member any more.

Would something like that, since it’s asking for opinions, go in IMHO, or MPSIMS since it’s literally MPS? GQ since there would be, in theory, a factual answer?

That being said, would this also get me some flack from a mod? I’m really not sure.

IMHO – you’re asking people to go look at it, right? If that’s the case, you want their opinion.

If you’re asking for general information on SEO and such, that would be General Questions.

So it’s all a matter of how you phrase your query.

That makes sense. I suppose what I’m doing is asking folks their opinions on the website, and then once i have that I can ask specific SEO questions.

Thanks all!