A rant on Heterophobes, lets see if the mods ban this

This is a test.

In MrVisible’s post, Joe cool replies:

"The really amazing thing is that if the roles here were switched, an admin would have already closed the thread and banned people for hate speech. But as I suspected already, hate speech is perfectly ok as long as you hate the PC-ok bad people.

Sorry, Polycarp, I have no desire to take part in this nursery."
I am still getting used to VB codes, or I would have linked directly to his response, but if anyone is curious, it is about 3/4ths down from the above link.

I have posted a link, and I am not using his text or replacing one or two words to make a point. It is all mine. So if the mods ban me, it will not be on a technicality. Here goes.

I’m tired of you heterophobes. It seem that when I come into your bars, you look at me like I am some kind of piece of meat. If you are going to hit on me, at least have the curtesy to buy me a beer. Being straight, I don’t care if you are a twinkee or a troll, all you are getting is conversation.

Please don’t ask me “why are you in a place like this.” I like the music. I like the potent drinks. I even like looking at some of the prettier dykes. Yes, the prettier dykes, not just the lipstick lesbians, but the Melissa Ethridge type girl-next-door hottie who doesn’t need to over primp, and no, I am not bothering them. I came because my friends wanted to come here, why are you trying to make me unconfortable.

To the bartender, I generally give a dollar tip when I get good, or even average service at the bar. When you curled your finger to get me closer, I thought you wanted to say something to me. A kiss was too much

Yes, that girl I brought in was one of your “fag hags,” but she was my date that night. I never even heard of this bar until she suggested it. You were way out of line getting your speedo’s all in a bind. Can’t I even hold my date’s hand or kiss her without getting looks from you. The date was going great, I would have likely gotten some later if one of your “gay mafia” friends hadn’t slashed the top of her convertable. Heterophobe is too nice a word for you. Queer supremist is better. Asshole is best.

I know you are here, and queer, and I am used to it. So shut up.

And to the big trannie. The one who weighed about 240 pounds and was built like a football player, I did not mean for you to see me giggling. You just looked so much like those “Bud Light” dudes. At least I knew right away you were a dude.
The above events really did happen, but all on different nights many years ago. I am in between the twinkie/troll years in gayspeak.

If you didn’t figure it out, this is a parody (note link above).

Trust me … we have enough to do around here without people purposely starting threads to test our policies or our duties in anyw ay.

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