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Little forewarning: I’m happily getting drunk right now and this entire (probably short) rant should be taken lightly, especially because it’ll probably end up really mild.

Ok am I the only one who is really getting sick of the same damn homosexuality topics being endlessly looped? One would think after a while that all involved would stop enjoying banging their heads into the brick wall of incomprehension and absolute certitude! Yet its JUST KEEPS HAPPENING! New poster posts old topics, or new topic arises from current events, the usual suspects pile on board and WEEEE AWAY GOES THE ROLLERCOASTER. DOWN ACCEPTANCE HILL THROUGH THE COCK-UP INSULT CORKSCREW UP UP UP THE BIBLE BOUND AND OFF INTO THE FLAMES! ITS A BARREL OF FUN FOR ADULTS AS WELL AS CHILDREN! HAHAHA!!!

Ummm yeah. Whats the attraction, folks? Is it like moths to a flame? “Oh yeah THIS time we’ll get somewhere. This time pedophilia, bestiality, natural law, religion, the birth status of fellow posters, etc. will never be mentioned! We’ll have a PRODUCTIVE thread.” The only really productive threads about homosexuality I’ve read on this board were Ask The Gay Guy, and that only because the OP laid down some heavy ground rules. To all the usual suspects (and yes you know who you are), I respect your diligence but really… its getting painful to watch.

And now, on a completely random and lighter note, The Parking Lot is Full:

Take a vitamin B and two advil with alot of water. Alot.

I could swear I heard my name! :slight_smile:

I get tired of seeing it too, but letting someone get away with a bigoted, ignorant comment may be seen as an endorsement of that comment. I’d prefer that the person wanting to debate something would at least find something original to argue, and also would search the archives for former trips on the merry-go-round, but that’s not gonna happen.

I never let something slip in real life, and I won’t let it happen here either. Fortunately for me, someone else usually picks up the ball here so I don’t have to.

And I second the water suggestion. Drink a lot, especially right before bed.

And how is that really different from the interminable gun debates, or the debates over evolution vs. creationism, or the debates over the existence of the supernatural?

Here’s how I see it: Once a debate has reached the `endless reruns’ stage, it’s at the point where both sides have reached a certain level of acceptance in society. Nobody has the ability to shut anyone up, and nobody is fighting for his very existence.

Compare the race debates now with the race debates of the early 1960s: Now, people argue endlessly over which examples of crypto-racism can be considered `proof’ that the government is slanted one way or the other. Then, one side was fighting for the basic human rights of African-Americans (and, in some cases, the very lives of their compatriots), while the other side was fighting to preserve the only life they’d ever known. Essential points remained to be made, essential arguments remained to be won.

Of course, there will always be a lunatic fringe on both sides of any issue, no matter how old. But such people have been dissociated from any argument that has reached the endless rerun' stage: Neither side wants to be associated with the lunatic fringe of their’ side, and both realize that it’s counterproductive to even bring the morons up.

So, does this bode well for the future of human rights in this country? I think so. I think it has reached a very promising `endless rerun’ stage. :slight_smile:

BTW: Thanks for the link to the PLIF archives. I love those damned goofy bastards. :smiley:

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gay gay gay gay

Did Priam choose to write the OP, or was it a genetically determined event?

snort Hehehehe…

Gay mushrooms and Lesbian flan – next on Emiril LIVE!

BAM!!! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that).

It’s because of the posting lifestyle!

It’s because of the posting lifestyle!

I read the title of this thread to the tune of Monty Python’s Spam

Am I the only one who hears Jingle Bells?

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Does anyone happen to have a link to that tune? It’s becoming embarrassing that I don’t know it.

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Thanks, both. That was just a little bit weird … I saw stpauler’s post before demo’s, then later demo’s post inserted itself before stpauler’s.

stpauler, you jerk. :wink:

The mere repetition of the word “spam” promises to ruin the rest of my weekend. I may have to download some saccharine Nelly Furtado tune just to slap a liberal coat of détente onto tomorrow’s trip to PetSmart.
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it’s all getting boring because everyone keeps whining about the same crap. Nothing new around here.

Because some people think they can make a difference, some people don’t want change and the rest purely don’t give a shit.

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