A rare treat for Trek Fans

Some alternate and deleted scenes from “Where no man has gone Before.” I have never seen the new opening and narration of the scenes after Kirk and Spock leave the transporter room. I wonder why these have never been included on any DVD collection I have seen?



Wish the clip was caught on a TV card instead of a camera in front of the TV, but it looks interesting. I’ll check it out with sound back at the house.

Latest ST:XI movie news

If you look very closely, you can spot a 24 year-old Genevieve Bujold.


I watched that YouTube clip last night, and then later I dreamed I was watching a lost *Star Trek * episode, featuring those early costume designs and co-starring Sally Kellerman and Gary Lockwood. My subconscious knows that it’s supposed to craft dreams fraught with deep inner meaning and latent anxieties, but sometimes it just says, “Hell with it. Let’s just run with this thing we watched earlier today.”

For those who didn’t click the link, Sylar from Heroes has been cast as Spock in the new movie. It’s Not Rocket Surgery called it here .