A Ripping Hello to the Smartest People on the Planet

I just wanted to share the joy of finding The Straight Dope and this message board. I look forward to many fruitful and challenging discussions.


And yes, we are brilliant, thank you :slight_smile:

Howdy. Your Other post is in the right place. But welcome threads tend to get moved to MPSIMS (of not already tthere)

Where are these people? I would like to greet them too!



Flattery, while appropriate and appreciated, does not get one out of the initiation process.

Get in the stocks and be quiet.
[sub]Where’d that damned goat get off to?[/sub]

I miss when we didn’t mention the goat in welcome threads. People had to find out the hard way.

Out of curiosity, are you familiar with the German language?

I have never heard the word before, but your name seems to mean “song of praise” or something along those lines. I am interested where you got this word from.

Let the hircine festivities begin!

Ancientofdays? Born in (pregnant pause) 1979? Well, I guess everything’s relative.

I am as familiar with the German language as the average twentysomething Brit. (I can speak a few key phrases, alebeit with terrible spelling)

But my username is a character in a Discworld book (Theif of Time) and also a common Tibbetan (or simply far-eastern) name.

Sprechen sie Deutsch.

Ich Komme aus England. Ich Whonne in Douglas Isle of Man. Ich bin funfundzwanzig jarre alt.

(or something like that)

And embarrasingly I just realised you are German :smack: which I suppose explains the question.
(I just asked a German person if he speaks German :smack: )

And… I said ‘welcome’ in German without even knowing you are German!! :eek:

:smack: :eek: :dubious: :confused: :wally

I read your other posts as well, and your German is pretty good. There are a couple of umlauts missing, but I got the gist of it. At least it’s nothing like the Chaucer I’m reading. How is the Isle of Man?

Also, I would be interested to know about your source for the name. What is “Discworld” about?

[url=http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/search-handle-form/026-9272042-3797229]Discworld** is basically a fictional world and subject of a series of comedy science fiction books written by Terry Pratchett.

The Isle of Man is beautiful. Street-motorbike racing ‘capital’ of the world.

:smack: Fixed link
The SDMB has many discworld fans amongst it’s members.

You know, Lobsang, you’ve been :smack: :smack: :smack: yourself a lot lately.

Maybe you should, you know, go lie down in a dark quiet corner for a while, till you feel better?

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

And welcome, ancientofdays!

Sorry to prod, but in this series of books what (or who) is your namesake?

Ancientofdays be welcome. Enjoy your stay.

No problem.
Lobsang Ludd was in only one book (as far as I know) unlike other Discworld Characters who appear in many books (in some cases most books).

I’ve only read the book (Thief of Time) once (a while ago now), so I can only describe the character loosely - He was a student monk who could manipulate time. The books have a lot of anthropomorphisation of abstract concepts. Time being one of them. Lobsang is the son of Time, which is only found out near the end.

I chose my username right after reading the book because I wanted something other than my real last name (Lobley) and Lobsang sounds a bit like lobley.
Here is the synopsis of Theif of Time

G’day, ancientofdays! waggles paw in welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome, ancientofdays !

How do you feel about…goats?