A sentimental kitty moment

Well, Santa Clause and his minions ripped the crap out of my roof. So, off and on I was way up high on a ladder throughout the day.

Being up high I could easily see into my neighbors back yard. And not only theirs but the next one over.

Those folks are old. Like one bad day away from dying old. Like how can they even get around ? old. And not only that, they are raising a grandson (details don’t matter here).

Nice folks, but I rarely interact with them only because they get outside so very rarely.

Anyway, being up high today with a view was a bittersweet experience.

I’d be way up high trying to do stuff and not kill myself in the process. The litteral little ole lady was very slowly doing things throughout the day in their backyard. Just watching the slowness was almost painful in itself.

But what really got me was her helper kitty. Wherever she went and whatever she did her cat was right there with her “helping”, as cat are so good at doing as every person owned by cat knows.

Anytime I was up high I had to just stop and watch if they were out there. I wanted to laugh. I wanted to cry. I wanted to go “awwww”. It was mesmerizing.

Damn, got something in my eye again.

That’s really, really sweet…

I hope they’ve got a support system for both the kid and the cat in case anything happens to them, though. :frowning:

The kid /young adult is making progress in getting along in life. Part time college and job last I heard. If both pass tommorow I think he will survive. Given the circumstances I suspect he would inherit a house also and be okay. We’ll adopt the cat I suppose if the kid doesn’t care or moves.

They used to have a “morris” type orange tabby. I haven’t seen him in awhile and figure asking about what happened to him would do more harm than good. His name was Murray. I always like to think Murray the cat was somehow Jewish in a cat sorta way. I rescued him from the sewer once.

I’d try and get acquainted better, so you notice if they suddenly don’t seem to be around. They may have “fallen and can’t get up”

That may be joked about but it’s real. I had a co-worker who won’t be coming back to her job, she broke her leg so badly it’s taking forever to put it back to the point where she doesn’t have pain, much less the use of her leg. She fell at home, broke it below the knee, couldn’t reach a phone, and it was five hours before her husband returned and 911 was called.

Oh, I do keep a daily eye on them. We had a serious storm…fallen trees…power out…all that jazz a few years back. I made sure to check on them then. These days the kid is in out on a daily basis. And they know if they need help from us all they have to do is ask. And given there are two of em I’m not too worried about both of them falling and not being able to get up at the same time.

On less depressing note, my neighbor on the other side has a new puppy. It did NOT like that strange guy next door up high looking into ITS backyard :slight_smile:

I hope you don’t ever have to inherit this kitteh but glad you’ll be there if needed!

Thank you for that story, it made me smile :slight_smile:

I always knew you were a pussy

lover at heart.

Well, this is the first kitty thread where we’ll let you break the rules: --no pics expected.
(Don’t want to introduce something a bit creepy into such a heart-warming thread…)

Our neighbor kitty follows her 5-year old human everywhere. When she goes to the school bus in the morning, the cat follows her down the block, then sits on the curb and watches her board, then trots back home again. She chases the girl down the block when the girl is riding her bike, then runs back in front of her. It’s very cute to watch.

Aww indeed. Reminds me of Misao and Fukumaru.

Yeah, my grandfather had a companion cat, a stray who adopted him when he had developed Alzheimers. He was still able to putter around the garden and this siamese just showed up one day and became his shadow. Grandpa, who had never liked cats, called her “little dog”, and she stayed with him about 4 years until he died, then passed on herself a couple months later.