A short pep talk to the Blackhawks


We’re all blinded by the beauty and animal magnetism of Doug Weight. But we must not let his sheer masculinity sway us from our task.

You heard Brian Sutter! “Confidence is like water. It either comes down out of the faucet when you turn it on or you flush it out of sight!”

Who the hell can even begin to know what that means, but I bet it means: SCORE A FUCKING GOAL.

Steve Passmore: I like the cut of your jib. Keep it up.

Probert: Yes we know, you’re a goon. Hired Goon. You don’t have to hit all the people all the time. Hitting the puck would be nice as well.

In short: LET’S GO!


Dear jarbabyj,

What’s that red metal frame with the nylon mesh sitting down there on the ice for?

Sincerely, the Blackhawks

PS: The Philadelphia Flyers want to know, too.

The Hawks don’t want to give up their position as the team that has gone the longest without a Cup.

Don’t sweat it, jarbabyj. My beloved Blues aren’t getting out of the second round with the kinds of mistakes they’re making.

Although, even if the Hawks come back and beat us, I would welcome someone - ANYONE - other than the friggin’ Avalanche or Red Wings to go to the cup. I watched last year’s Blues Avalanche game on vacation sitting at the bar with some self-proclaimed “die hard” Avalanche fans, who a little while later asked me to define icing.


Hey, Blackhawks. Timberwolves, too. You might put this advice to use.

That’s an easy question, it’s the stuff on top of the cake. :wink:
Sorry about the Hawks.

*…It’s been three kids and seven years,
Gordie works with Dad haulin’ cases of beer.
And I ain’t as shapely as I used to be,
But I like Gordie and well, he likes me.

Gordie and my old man on a Saturday night
Watchin’ those Blackhawks and gettin’ tight.
Nothin’ ever changes in this world of mine,
Gordie and my old man on a Saturday night.
The circle keeps movin’ but it never seems to change,
'Cause here comes Montreal on the breakaway!

Gordie and my old man on a Saturday night,
Watchin’ those Blackhawks and gettin’ tight,
Nothin’ ever changes in this world of mine,
Gordie and my old man on a Saturday night.*

-Gordie and My Old Man, Grievous Angels

Well, okay. I will confess that I am usually a Flames fan, but it’s a great song.

Apparently, the beauty and strength of Doug Weight is distracting to the point of an inability to play hockey.

:kickin’ dirt:

stupid blues

Let me take a moment here to say YEEEEEE-HAAAAAAA!!!

Bring on the Wings!!!

[sub]You gotta admit - you ALL want to see the Wings go down…[/sub]