THE HOCKEY THREAD - 2nd period

Welcome to the second period of the Hockey Thread, you can find the first period here in case you need to check the highlights.

So, Audette and Bulis are going to be out INDEFINATELY. There must be some kind of curse on my Habs so I would implore anyone with a knowledge of the white arts to pop by and voice some incantation to keep any more of their players from getting sidelined.

Audette had surgery to repair damaged tendons in his arm after the injury he suffered Saturday night. I knew by the way he was holding his hand after the injury that something was seriously wrong.

Don’t even get me started on the fact that the holiest of all hockey shrines has been turned into a theatre.

So, little has been said here about the upcoming Olympics and since this is a thread devoted to all things hockey perhaps people have some thoughts opn this…

I hope Roy develops a nasty rash for not playing. Just what is his damage anyways? He and Gretz should get their shit together, have a little talk to work out their differences and get on with it. This is the Olympics, Canadian pride is on the line here and we just don’t accept second best. Mind you, our second best could be someone like Curtis Joseph so that’s not all bad.

Ryan Smith said that his rehab is coming along really well and he is optomistic that he’ll make the Olympics. It won’t be the same without him taking up his spot in front of the oposition net as few people do it any better than he.

I love that new commercial where the U.S. border guy asks the bus driver if he has anything to declare… just some Team Canada t-shirts (he says) and as we look into the bus we see a bunch of crazed Canadian fans, one who screams “AND A BIG OLD CAN OF WHUPASS!” How true.

For so many years the Canadiens were successful and they looked down on other teams. I think that many people in hockey are glad, secretly at least, that the Habs are suffering through some lean years.

Both Roy and Gretzky have said that there is no issue. I’m not sure why you feel that there is an issue because Roy is showing loyalty to his team. Face it, the NHL teams pay the way for these players and it seems to me that Roy doesn’t want to bite the hand that feeds him. Why do think that NHL teams aren’t letting Slovakian players leave early to play in the prelim rounds? CuJo has been playing well this year, but both Belfour and Brodeur have not been consistant. If they can’t go who should be the second Canadian goalie? Sean Burke? Who are the other, best options?

So Feynn…it shall be tonight.


I find this quite ironic, considering that Roy is easily one of the most selfish players in the league. The way he hung the Canadiens out to dry was a disgrace (and I am not fan of the Habs), or the time he destroyed the locker room VCR because he was pulled to let the power play rest, they scored, the team won, but Roy didn’t get the win? It is pretty obviuous to me that Roy isn’t playing because he wasn’t automatically named the starter. I don’t for a second believe it has anything to do with loyalty to t the Avs. Sure Gretz says there is no problem, because he has plenty of capable goalies and Gretz is too diplomatic to raise a stink.

On a separate note, looks like the Kings are finally getting the goaltending they need. Alison is playing like the player we expected. Deader is healthy. Contributions are coming from four lines. It’s looking good, hopefully Palffy won’t be out too long.

What the fuck is this? The Hot Stove Lounge?

This puppy will be moved to Cafe Society if you guys are too candy-assed to spew a little vitriol occassionally.

Okay. I’ll do it.


Carry on.

And if I may be so bold as to add…



I thought that only guys had choads.

So you can see how angry I am.

Honey, your disappointment with the inept Hawks is understandable, but you’re going to have to get used to it unless you come to your senses and convert to the true faith.

No need to stick a fork into the Black Hawks. Trust me, they’re done.

They play the lowly Habs tonight, and I’m in the impossible position of hoping that they’ll both lose.

Even though Doug Weight no longer toils for the Hawks, he’s still a communist. I may change my opinion if he’s ever fortunate enough to play for us.

Forgive me, but what the fuck? I guess that my mind isn’t what it used to be, please refresh my memory and tell me when Doug Weight played for the Hawks.

adam, did it ever occur to you that I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about?

It will from now on.

Ah yes, a common ailment among supporters of the Maple Laffs.

Regardless of where the Habs end up this year, I never get tired of watching the Leaflets find the excuse du jour for going down in playoff flames. Oooh yeah, adding Jyrki I’d-rather-stay-home-than-play-hockey Lumme is a key acquisition, swift move Quinn.

Ya gotta admire a team that can find things to complain about when they’re winning. Does baby assed whiners have hyphens or no?

And who was Prime Minister the last time Gary Roberts scored?


[sub]man, all that bitterness is difficult - I’ll be in Cafe with my latte…[/sub]

Gee, guys. I know I said to crank the monkey, but the Leafs must be left alone.

They are above suspicion.

After the finals are over, we will break with tradition and refuse to drink champagne out of Stan’s bird bath.

Instead, we’ll use the skulls of our enemies, the Habs, as beer goblets.

You heard it here first.

jarbaby - Consider last night’s game a fucking gift. I’ll put it down to the Habs not taking Chicago seriously enough as the Blah-hawks hadn’t won a game since Nov 11th. Their record went from exceptional to truly fucking awful in no time at all didn’t it?

On goalies, Theodore’s name has recently been mentioned as a possible backup as his play has been quite good as of late. Despite the Habs current 2 game losing streak Theodore has helped my beloved Habs get 11 points in their last ten games.

And Slip, who are you calling candy assed? Aren’t you the guy that was too afraid to come in here because you expected to get your ass broiled? I suppose that now you’re above eating that crow I so carefully prepared for you?

The Habs will prevail.

Finally, I heard someone (Ron Mclean) refer to Alberta as “Death Valley” the other night. He was referring to the fact that Edmonton and Calgary have been decimating their opposition with great regularity this year. It’s like the 80’s all over again.

The Ducks are coming to town tomorrow so after a filling meal of duck stew we’ll be off to Dallas for a little payback on Friday.

I guess that he just happened to forget the Stars and their recent sweep through Alberta. However, I am glad to see that hockey is doing well in Alberta again. Now if they could just get Tim Hunter, Jim Peplinski, Dave Semenko and Marty McSorley going at it like in the good ol’ days…

Ouch! A little milk will counteract that bitterness Feynn. Give it a try :slight_smile:




Are you fucking kidding?

If the Habs lose another one it will have to be something stronger than cow juice to cure my ills.

Yes… Dallas went and pulled a rabbit out of a hat by leaving here with 4 points. It’s a testament to the fact they play a great game but doesn’t change the fact I hate those perrenial playoff rivals of ours.

Just bring on my Flames and watch em roar!


Oh my god… your’e a Flame’s fan? You should be ashamed for hiding this dirty little secret frm me.

I was going to get you chocolate for your birthday but now I just don’t know…