A sign of the (wrong) times

As explicated by Snopes.

Imran Chunawala was a devout Shi’ite Muslim. He prayed five times a day, kept all the holidays, and closed his perfume shop on holy days. One such holy day was the 21[sup]st[/sup] of Ramadan, commemorating the death of Iman Ali.

Mr. Chunwala put up a notice explaining why he wouldn’t be there that day. It was the same sign he put up every year, saying that on such-and-such English date the store would be closed for religious reasons.

As Dopers would put it, penis ensued. Mr. Chunwala was confused by the outrage, until he went back and reread his sign.

Hmmm, he said to himself, maybe I should have explained a bit more.

No, no, I’m NOT honoring suicide bombers

That’s weird. Fortunately, my internet subscription comes with the Wikipedia channel, which allowed me to look up this “Iman Ali” and learn that he apparently lived in the 7th century and married David Bowie and had nothing to do with the World Trade Center attacks–thus allowing me to save up my irrational anger for the 9/12 Teabagging Festival (you wouldn’t believe what the Wikipedia channel has to say about that).