A sincere apology to some of you mudda fuggas.

This may not be the right place for this topic, but the Pit is where it all started, so:

I’ve offended some people with some unpopular opinions in my short time on the SDMB.

Actually, they’re not my real opinions for the most part…maybe they were exaggerated versions of my true opinions in some cases.

My most hated reply involved the phrase “Nits make lice”, referring to Palestinian children. No, I do not think that Palestinian children deserve to die just because they are Palestinian. But when I read this:


I couldn’t resist. I caught so much shit for the inflammatory “nits make lice” comment, while these fucking dimwits REALLY support suicide attacks? Those fucking douchebags get a free pass, even though they openly support attacks against Israeli citizens, some of which are CHILDREN?? I’m sorry I offended others, but let’s pass the shit sandwich around. I wasn’t the only one expressing a dumb fucking opinion, and at least I wasn’t serious.

Anyway, I’m getting off track. My point is that I’ll tone it down. You may not agree with me, but I will phrase my replies in a manner that will not upset the average doper.

However, I can make no promises to the ultra-sensitive among you. If you require a box of tissue to watch the evening news, I will probably always piss you off, and you will always piss me off.

We’ll both get used to it eventually.


Followed by this:

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Nice try at an apology, though.

No wonder people hate you if you “exaggarate” your opinion, if all you do present is your opinion in a extreme way.

Why not try posting with your “real” opinion and see if people like/respect you more?

So is this the third pit apology thread lately that really isn’t?

There was the Joe_Cool thread, one other I can’t recall from a week or so before that one (can someone help me out), and now this one.

Don’t apologise. Just shape up. We’ll notice.

That’s all I can tell you, really.

The other one was from JS_Africanus to Ladyfoxfire I think. (Not sure I spelled the names correctly, and feel too lazy to look in my past posts to check.)

And there was the Ace0whoevergotbanned one, too.

Just trying to be civil.

Let’s see some of that “class” that I’m expected to show!

So which are you doing; apologizing or trying to pass the buck? Really…I’m geuinely confused :confused:



In the pit?


Not likely.

Gee, the contrition in the OP is making me weep uncontrollably.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

An apology is three sentences:

“I’m acknowlege what I did”
“I’m sorry for what I did and that it hurt/upset you”
“I won’t do it again”

3 sentences…it ain’t all that hard, folks.


I think the only “class” in question here is yours.

“Baby I’m-a-want you” is an optional fourth sentence. :smiley:
And the Wichita Lineman…is still on the line…

I also have a hard time taking an a apology when he refers to us as “mudda fuggas”.

First time to this board, so, perhaps I am out of line, but, why is someone having to say they are sorry for their opinion? No matter what context it is in!


You can have a opinion and not need to apologize. However, the way he did state his opinion is why he is apologizing, because the way he did it offended almost everybody who read it.

These links should help explain things to you,** bowpepe **.
A recent thread calling Clint out.
Clint’s posting history.
He’s really offended several people.

Hmmm, perhapsthis link should be put here too.

Personally…I think this one is one of my favorites.