A special kind of dumbass

I would like to thank Australia for taking the spotlight off of American dipshits (temporarily anyway).



Words fail me.

While he is a moron, he is apparently a skilled/very lucky moron. High & masturbating at over 150 kph, and it doesn’t appear that he hit anything.

Also, he should be commended for that great photo they have of him. Should get that framed and name it something like “Portrait of a Moron Who Has Just Been Caught”.

The headline was “What a jerk”

Yes, I know the text of the article clarifies what he was doing, but my warped little mind interpreted the headline slightly differently when I first read it. Ouch! Doesn’t it get painful when you do it that fast? :eek:

Not only high and masturbating while driving, but *filming *it! How did he have enough hands?

I came in here to say something similar. It’s just perfect. He totally looks like a dude who would get high and film himself masturbating while speeding.

He was a dumbass only because he got busted. Imagine the sheer quantity of dumbass’s out there that have the luck to evade the law.

The rest are just biding thier time, doing supremely dumbass shit all the time, just waiting for their turn in the spotlight.

Only time will tell.

I think that similar things happen on the I290 here in Chicago every single day. It would certainly explain a lot.

You may be under the impression that he had one or more on the steering wheel. This is unlikely to be the case.