A Straight dope CD? Please read

Some of you may have read Satan’s post about reviewing music for SDMB musicians where I mentioned the possibilty of making a compilation SDMB CD. There has been some interest in the idea by musicians. What I am looking for now is to see how many musicians would submit songs and how many non-musician dopers would be interested in getting a cd.

This unfortuanetly will not be a free venture. I need to know how many people so I can estimate cost of materials and shipping and let you know how much it would be. To keep costs down I think the cd will consist of a label on the cd with song names and band names and either a small paper insert inside of a plastic sleeve or a webpage with info on each band. No Jewel cases. I do not want to make money on this so please do not think I am scamming anyone. I just want to cover my costs because I think this could be VERY fun.

Please let me know.

Any submissions can be sent to

Either that or let me know what your song name and band name is if I can download it off of Napster.

This is in no way related to the staff of SDMB or the Cecil. Just a collection of music by people who hang out at the same place :slight_smile:

Hello? Anyone?

Well, I’d order one.

As for contributing something… well, let me see if I can meet some people who’d want to form a band. And I’ll have to get a new keyboard and start practicing again… and… well… I’ll get back to you…

BTW, if you could spare a megabyte or two on the CD for a data track, you could slip in some nicely designed printable jewel case inserts!

I know I’m getting ahead of things here, but I can’t wait for the “Name the Album” thread…

Once I get my midi stuff from my creative music course, I’ll be sure to add to that.

Oh god, naming an album, I’ve waited my whole life to do that.

Not a musician, but I would certainly buy one.

I would contribute and buy…

I would happily buy one.

I’d buy one.