A Straight Dope Murder Mystery. Part 1.

Thanks for doing this, Idle Thoughts. It’s a very cool idea.

This is really unfortunate and I’ll miss the guy- but I have to admit it’s still probably not the worst party I’ve ever been to.

Did I then repeat it loud enough for someone to hear me? :wink:

A likely story. (And speaking of which, where was Shot From Guns?) We know he had a knife in his back, but we don’t know that’s what killed him.

The first person to find the body always did it. Plus he was stabbed in the back, so it has to have been a mod.

:eyes Marley23 suspiciously:


Hey, I try to have the courtesy to stab people in the front I mean I’d never stab someone, that’s not a nice thing to do.

I think Cecil used his SuperNinja Powers ™ and done the dirty deed. Dirt cheap, too.

I think we can eliminate Johnny LA as a suspect…he’s been on stage with the band all night. Tuba is off my list, too…she was a little too obviously not present, and I fear for her safety…

Alright, I admit it I’ve had idle thoughts about killing Idle Thoughts but I didn’t do it.

Looks suspiciously around the party I think I will stand over here in this brightly lit corner for a while to avoid a stabbing.

I was talking to Shot From Guns. But could he have slipped away for a crucial moment? Absolutely.

Also, he has beady eyes.

I’m just sayin’.

Bah! Admit it! It was you, using the knife you pilfered from the buffet table just as I was about to make my ham sandwich!

Hey, I was busy dancing with the Monkey - you can’t prove anything.

Writing Part 2. Been writing most the day. :slight_smile:

Who? :stuck_out_tongue:

“Well, the first thing to do is to be sure he’s dead!”

Bang! Bang!

“OK, now we’re sure…”

Heh. I’m such a lech!