A Straightdope Murder Mystery. Part 2

Here is part one

Officer Crane sat heavily down into his black, steel chair and placed the manilla folder in front of him. He took of his glasses and rubbed his brow where a slight headache was forming. He was so tired. He had just returned from the house where the murder had taken place and he didn’t know what to make of it all. What he did know was the body was taken to Arbor Fitch Mortuary and that he had 39 potential suspects, who all claimed they didn’t know a thing that went on.

Now, as he sat there in the dark office, he thought back to the scene he had left at the house. The partygoers (Dopers somebody had called them–which made him raise more than three seconds of eyebrow) were all still there. Various looks of shock and grief on their faces. Some weeping, some silent. He and his team had questioned them all, but to no avail. Nobody seemed to know anything of importance other then the fact that the now deceased, Idle Thoughts, had not been looking well prior to making his final trip to the john.

He looked down at the folder. Unconsiously his fingers tapped over the surface, and made little circles. Then he opened it wide and read the paper inside.

The accounts and alibi’s given by the suspects and witnesses covered the page. Crane read them once again, looking for some, if any, sign of a clue.

MsRobyn-He looked so h-happy tonight. A huge bunch of us were there and we were having a good time. I didn’t know him very well, But I had seen some of his posts on the boards and he seemed okay. Oh God, I just don’t know what happened. I need to call my husband. AirmanDoors will be wondering where I am by now…

Shot From Guns-Man, that was a bummer. I knew him slightly and he seemed like a real swell guy. I was mostly at the snack tables all night. Only after I heard Marley’s cry did I realize anything was wrong…man.

Little Nemo-*Idle was a decent guy. He invited us all over out of pure heart and soul so that we may all have met each other. This is quite a tragedy. Whoever could have done this is a cold blooded bastard who deserves to be locked up for all of time. I, myself, was talking to Monkey With a Gun. Yes, he was with me all the time. At the time of **Marley’*s yell, I was thinking of getting some water cause it seemed suddenly very hot in the room. That’s when I heard the yell ring out. I was shocked and apalled by what I saw.

ElvisL1ves-I didn’t see him on a day to day basis on the boards, but he seemed really friendly. I never guessed something like this would happen. I was just sitting on one of the benches a bit. At first I was talking to Polycarp and that Guinastasia chick as I never really got to know them too well online, but I was really keeping an eye out for Shodan as I really wanted to meet him. Then, not long after, both excused themselves. Guin saying she wanted a sandwich and Polycarp saying he wanted some fresh air. Only after the scream did I see them again.

Alice In Wonderland-Subject in shock.

kaylasdad-Yea, Idle was a pretty cool person. I hardly knew what was happening when the shit hit the fan. I was over near the stage. Johnny LA had taken a break for about half and hour when he came back and was in the middle of a song when Marley’s yell struck me. It was…terrible. How so terrible.
Shodan-To have us all gathered in one place like that, one should have foreseen trouble. I happened to particularly like Idle, although I didn’t know him well, admittantly. I would not have wished his fate on anybody. But what would someone expect of having that many diverse souls in one place, especally when there were a few grudges? Like people who always harp on whether someone signs their post or not… Anyway…I just came myself cause a person I talk to on the boards, ElvisL1ves, was going to be there. While looking for him I got into a very interesting coversation with Twickster. Her and I talked a bit, then she said she had to go to the restroom. When she returned she said someone was already in there. Fifteen minute’s later, Marley let out a loud scream that startled us all, and that’s when he was found. Very…saddening.

MeanOldLady-Well, isn’t that a tragedy? I just can’t believe something like this could happen. I…um…was with Nzinga, Seated…we had been talking all night since we both showed up showing a fabulous, mutual taste in fashion. Earlier, we had both been talking to another guy, but I forget who it was…I’d remember the face, though. But then it was her and I again. She was with me the whole time. We were at the meat table and I was just remarking to her that I had a bad feeling about something. Heh, ESP, I guess, but it was really weird, cause, then it happened.

Gfactor-Idle seemed really smart. Pity this had to occur. At the time I was outside, in the front, looking at the stars. I was alone for the most part, but later another guy came out for a bit to lean against the bannister. From the distance I was at, it looked like Polycarp, but we didn’t speak. After a few minutes he returned to the house and I was alone again with my thoughts. Then I heard someone inside the house yell ‘He’s Dead!’ and that’s when I ran into the house.

CarnalK-*First of all, I wasn’t on the guest list. I heard about it from one of my friends and decided to crash the party, so to speak…so I arrived a bit after everyone else was there. It’s weird, ya know? All of us there finally, finally meeting one another. I knew a lot of us didn’t get along and then this happens. Someone should have expected it. I didn’t even know what was happening. I was just listening to **Johnny LA’s *music when all hell broke loose.

Giraffe-I just don’t understand what happened in there. I was dancing on the floor and I heard a shout. Everything happened so quickly after that.

Pbbth-* Hell, I don’t know, I still don’t know what’s going on. All I know is I was talking to Green Bean about what she thought about the music when it all went down. And yes, she was with me the entire time. We never left each other’s company.*

Cat Whisperer-Oh my God, I don’t know what to say. It’s so terrible. I was dancing on the floor for awhile, but then I got hungry so I went to make a sandwich or something, and that’s when it happened. He even passed me on the way to the bathroom. I said hi to him but he just ignored me…he didn’t look well at all. And then just as I was finishing the sandwich came the yell…damn…I just don’t know…sniff

Boyo Jim-Subject in shock

Guinastasia-I just can’t comprehend that he’s gone…I was just talking to him an hour ago. I just spoke with him briefly and he looked terrible; something was wrong. No, I don’t know what, he was just acting funny. I asked him what was the matter but he just said he was fine. Dammit! I should have known something was wrong. After he left I went to the dance floor where Monkey With a Gun was dancing a bit, then he went over to talk to Little Nemo. I danced till I felt sick, then the scream happened. It was Marley, he sounded scared and I just knew something happened involving Idle. Hmmm, have you questioned Gfactor yet? I haven’t seen him at all…

What Exit-I passed him as he went into the bathroom. I was just in there a minute after some chili disagreed with me. I said hi but he didn’t answer, just went by me and shut the door. No, he did not look well. I feel so weirded out. Like I was the last person to see him alive, or talk to him, you know?

Diognes The Cynic-I’m not as strung out as I should be about all this, I don’t think. I didn’t think it was a good idea in the first place. I just came cause I figured I’d be part of history, but I thought it was very unplanned. Anyway, I was sitting on a bench for a long time, just watching the crowds. I heard Marley yell, but thought it was just a prank or joke. Only after seeing the people start running did I think otherwise.

Green Bean-Yes, I remember talking to Pbbth for awhile. We were near the back part of the stage and didn’t know what was going on. Then we were interrupted by Marley saying something like he was panicking. Then the storm hit and everyone started panicking. I just don’t know what to do.

Rand Rover-I have nothing to say.

Muffin-* Well, this is certainly an event, I just don’t know what to think. That one of us is a cold-blooded killer. I, myself, at the time, was at the veggie table. I saw Vinyl Turnip there and stopped to have a word with him when Marley shouted.*

Polycarp- * At first I was talking with Guin for awhile…but then it seemed to start to get a bit stuffy in the house so I went outside, into the courtyard, for a bit to get some fresh air and look at the stars. I didn’t see anyone else. After a few minutes I walked back to the house. Back inside I just sat on the bench and listened to Johnny LA as he got back onstage and started another song. Only a couple minutes after he started did the shout from Marley. Truly a sad occasion.*

Marley-When I saw him laying there with the knife and it sticking out of him, I just couldn’t think. It was like it was in slow motion. I didn’t think it was real, like in dream, ya know? Then I saw his eyes; those cold, lifeless eyes and I just knew it really had to be happening, and that there was no hope. He was just gone, man, just fucking gone. Whoever would do such a thing should rot in hell. I don’t even know why it was me who had to find him. I was at the punchbowl and felt the need to piss really bad, then I just…found him. God, man. I’m not the prime suspect, am I?

Twickster-Wow, I’m still stunned. I was talking to Shodan for a long while, when I had to go to the bathroom. So I left him followed the hall to the end. It was closed and no noise was coming out, but I figured someone had to be in there cause I saw the light on from the doorjamb. I looked around a bit for another restroom. Not finding one, I joined Shodan again at the bowl. Marley was there too, drinking like mad. Not long after he walked away and I heard his scream. This is indeed a mystery.

Mr Bus Guy-Too intoxicated to talk

Una Persson-I didn’t know him too well, but Idle was nice enough to PM me on the SDMB at times. Anyway, I was near the stage with Shirley Ujest, when we heard a scream. That’s all.

Shirley Ujest-*I was with **Una *when we heard the scream, I looked at her and we both started running to the back where the bathroom was. Marley was standing there at the door and he had the most awful look on his face. I-I…just can’t…Unable to continue

Lord Ashtar-He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t really know who could have done it, but whoever it was must have really had it out for him. I had just finished some punch (I think someone spiked it, it tasted funny and made me feel weird later) and was sitting on the couch watching everyone dance. It was then I heard the yell that at first I couldn’t place. People started running to the back, so I followed them. Truly a misfortune.

Nzinga, Seated-I was with MeanOldLady when it happened. We heard a cry then rushed to the back. A lot of people were crowded around the bathroom and I saw the body…I’ll probably have nightmares for a week.

Johnny LA-We had been playing hard, so I gave all of us a thirty minute break, in which I stepped outside and to the back of the house. I saw someone in the distance. I think it was Gfactor, but he didn’t see me and I didn’t say anything. After getting some deep breaths of fresh air, I picked up my guitar and went back inside to resume playing. Halfway through our next song a yell pierced the air and I stopped the music. I saw everyone move to the back and knew something bad must have happened. To say I was shocked is like saying the one legged man was tired at an ass kicking contest.

Fenris-Wow…I can’t believe this happened. Um…where was I? Let’s see…I got some punch earlier, then was just listening to the music… and then I heard the scream and saw people running. I remember seeing the backs of Little Nemo and Monkey With a Gun so I was near them when it happened…

Vinyl Turnip-I saw him for a bit as he talked with that girl Guin. He looked like something may have been wrong. After that I returned to the meat table and gorged on some of the fine turkey and ham he had. At the time of the yell I was sitting on a bench and watching some of the people dance. Terrible thing to have happened

Crafter Man-nothing but rants about the police department and being generally uncoopertive

Bricker-Man, he’s really gone, I just can’t think of anyone who would have the heart to do that. I was just sitting near the stage when I heard Marley. My heart leapt up into my chest. How sad. I definitely wouldn’t represent the person who did this.

Monkey With a Gun-I was talking to Little Nemo for the entire time.

Eludicator-Well, it’s pretty bad what happened…but I don’t think I can help you at all. I was standing behind Green Bean and Pbbth when it started

Sapo-Well, well, well, this is quite the situation. A doper gives a party, then gets horribly butchered by one of his so called friends. I find it both tragic and amusing at the same time. Well, if you must know, I was outside at the time. In the back to be precise. I did not see nor hear anyone, but then again, I was only out there for about 10 mintues when the screams brought me back into the house. Earlier I was talking to Mr Bus Guy, who was quite, shall we say, blitzed. From that convo I went outside. Heh, this would certainly make a good story, at any rate.

ivn1188-* I was talking to Kaylasdad a bit, then went over to the veggie table when all of it went down. Meh, just another horrible murder in this fucked up world.*

Oakminster-*How disheartening. I had no idea one of us had so much hate in them. All I remember is talking to MeanOldLady and Nzinga, Seated for a bit, then I rested on a bench and dozed off I think. Even with the loud music and **Johnny LA’s *voice. I found I was so tired and fatigued that I just fell asleep. I was awoken by hordes of people crying and yelling. What a terrible day.

Hal Briston-All I can remember is drinking punch for a bit. Then I heard Marley scream and my blood turned to ice. How terrible…

Of the 40 guests, only one was missing. TubaDiva was not present.

Crane leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. This would be a shitty weekend for him to try to figure this one out.
But the good thing was that every account had to be the truth, since everyone was question separately and didn’t know what the others had said. He’d just go through them all, one by one, and poke holes in their alibi’s.
What he didn’t know was back at the house, The participants in this mystery were already deep into a meeting of figuring it out…
To Be Continued…

It was Shodan.

I do declare…

Pretty clear some of the food or drink was drugged/poisoned. Several people mention feeling ill, I passed out…I wonder if Idle Thoughts was even the intended target? And who was in charge of catering?

Una and I did it! With a candlestick in the library!

That’s interesting, but we’re talking about the murder now.


Part 3 will probably come Sunday or so.

No mention of the state of anyone’s shoes? What about the spi8lled dip?

And we will need a toxicology report on whatever was in Idle Thoughts’ stomach.

IOW, cite?


A thought on some alibis…

GFactor says he was out front, while **Johnny LA **thinks he saw him out back. GFactor says he thinks he saw Polycarp out front. Poly says he went to the “courtyard” (is that the front?) but didn’t see anyone. Conclusion: GFactor looks a bit fishy…

In other news:

Ashtar’s first two sentences are completely contradictory. The first comment suggests it was a random killing, the second that someone had a specific grudge. WTF? Conclusion: Lord Ashtar looks extremely fishy…

Well, it seems quite clear to me that it was you that did it.