Who killed Idle Thoughts? (Break before last part)

So here it is… the next part is the last.
Here’s where all of you who have secretly been following along and reading it admit that you are and take a stab (a ha ha…sorry, murder mystery humor) at the killer(s).

For those of you not in the know and/or who would like to catch up…

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Out with it. Name your guess as to the killer(s).
For bonus points, you can tell what other things you’ve noticed, what clues you picked up on, and various things that made you come to the guess you have.

C’mon, there has to be someone who was actually paying attention to the various alibis.

I’ve said everything I have to say in the other threads. :wink:

I did it. And I’m not sorry for it, either.

I guess twickster, and that is all it is - I cannot deduce it out.


I paid attention, but I still cannot find anything conclusive. The only thing I noticed was that Shodan thought the whole get-together idea was bad, so maybe he knew something…

I really want to guess, but I have not had time to carefully read the last two parts. (I’ve read them, but not carefully). Idle, when are you going to post the final part? I want to try to get a guess in before that, but I need a little more time.

I missed some stuff so I can’t make an informed guess but I am going to guess anyway. I think that there’s a twist ending and it was either a suicide and he set it up to look like a murder, natural causes (Idle had a heart attack while on the pot and fell on the knife he took to the bathroom with him for some unknown reason) or Idle isn’t dead, that was his twin and Idle killed him because Idle is the evil twin! Dun dun dun!

The last one’s the only one that makes sense, as Idle assured us in part 1 that there really was a murder.

Well, I said I missed some stuff.

[inner voice]
Excellent…no one suspects a thing…
[/inner voice]

Well Elvis seems to have lied (his story about Guinastasia is wrong, and she never mentions him at all).

But Muffin lied about his talking with Vinyl at the veggie table (Vinyl was at the meat table).

Finally, both Mr Bus Guy’s intoxication, Oakminster’s unnatural sleep and Ashtar’s comment about its spikedness belie his comment that it wasn’t spiked.

I did it. That whole sleeping thing was just a clever ruse on my part. Yeah, ok, so I had to do a little time traveling and indulge in a few arcane magics that violate the known laws of physics to be in two places at once…but I’m good like that.


From part four:

What exactly are you insinuating here, Idle?

Last part is coming tomorrow.

Just that you speaking up shattered a deep silence…so it scared a few much like any sudden noise will make someone jump a bit if it’s fully silent right before. :slight_smile:

I don’t like that Johnny L.A. guy. Utter bastard. Everyone knows he’s crap on a guitar, so if he was playing it was a lie. And if he lied about his being up on stage (clever of hem, by the way, to actually be on stage to make everyone believe he was), then he could easily be lying about everything else! And remember: Idle was stabbed in the back. Hasn’t Johnny L.A., aka ‘Johnny Machiavelli’, aka ‘Johnny McStabberson’, said recently that he favours swift attacks by stealth? :dubious:

And then there’s that phony British accent of his … :stuck_out_tongue:

Tomorrow has come and gone. I demand to know who killed you!


Has there been a part 6 posted that I missed?