A Sucka- - "Gift" from Pantene!

You know, something I really hate to see in the morning is my newspaper encased in a three foot long plastic bag. This means there is something terribly terribly important enclosed, a sample of, say, hair goo. A denture cleaning tablet. A sponge. A couple of heartburn pills. So, fine, you take out the sample and throw it in whatever junk drawer you set aside for such stuff. And you wad up this enormous plastic bag and stuff it the garbage can, what’s a few hundred or thousand more plastic bags in the landfill, right? I mean, you DID get a quarter ounce packet of hand lotion in the bottom of that bag, right? So this morning I open up the Mystery Bag, and inside is an envelope from Pantene Pro-V hair products stating “look inside for a gift of beauty”. And inside is “gift certificates for you and a friend”. And inside THAT is the grand prize - two coupons. COUPONS! For one whole dollar, yes, $1.00, off ANY TWO PANTENE PRODUCTS. No sample. No freebie. Not even a dollar off any ONE product, you have to buy TWO. Jumped-up-Jesus-in-a-sidecar, what kind of deal is this??? A mother-f- - - - ing coupon? And why does it need to be encased in a yard of plastic? I find this a double insult, to me, the consumer, and to the environment. What dipwads! I let these geniuses know what I thought of them, not that it’ll put a stop to this idiocy.

I don’t know if this will make you feel any better, but in this area there are grocery stores that will recycle plastic bags and wrappers that the city garbage collection company won’t take as anything but trash (they recycle only plastic bottles that have “necks”).

I keep a bag for plastic wrappers, and when I remember, I take it to the store when I go shopping and drop it off.

There might be grocery stores in your area that do this also. It won’t stop the stupid gimmicks, but might make you feel better about the landfill situation.

I got this same “gift”, salinqmind. It’s in the trash can now.
Hey, I like the free samples of shampoo or whatever, but a coupon is NOT a gift.

I dunno. Infusion sent me $1 off coupons awhile back and I used it when Kroger offered super double coupons (2 dollars off!). I’ve been using the stuff ever since…