A Technical Question about Polls

I don’t know if this is an issue for anyone else, but it’s always been a very mild annoyance so I thought I’d ask.

Any time there is a poll that I’ve previously voted in and hit “View First Unread”, it just takes me to the last post in the thread, regardless of where I left off. It can get a little irritating on certain threads (like the weekly Walking Dead thread, for instance), but never rises much past minor annoyance.

Anybody else get this? And any way to fix it?

“View first unread” works for me the majority of the time, but every so often it takes me directly to the end or beginning of the thread. I’ve never had it as a specific issue with polls, though.

everyone looses their cookies now and then.

It happens to me every time I vote in a thread. The “View First Unread” works in every other thread.