A truly trivial rant about yogurt

I really like yogurt. It has a nice tang to it, and it’s good for you in a couple different ways. The Greek yogurt is especially nice. But why does it always have to be 0% fat? Why can’t I get whole milk yogurt? The non-fat and low-fat versions just seem to me to be watery and thin, not the rich and creamy stuff I want.

I used to be able to get whole milk Stoneyfield vanilla or plain yogurt and eat the scrumptuous cream layer off the top before digging into the rest of the little plastic cup. Can’t find it anywhere any more.

I know we’re supposed to be avoiding fattening things, but shouldn’t there be an option? Suppose I promise to live on lettuce all week, can I have a whole milk yogurt once on weekends? Apparently not.

Complain to the dairy manager at the store where you shop (I eat Brown Cow’s “Cream Top” yogurt all the time).

Agreed. I often have to trek to the health food store to get my yogurty goodness. It’s supposed to have fat!

Because yogurt falls into the marketing niche of “female foods” and “female foods” are predominantly low or fat free products. You’ll never see a yogurt commercial with a man in it.

Or you could just make your own. It’s stupidly easy to do with a crockpot or heavy, heat-retaining pan and a low oven. Scald some milk, let it cool to about 100 degrees, stir in a spoon of yogurt, and keep it warm overnight. Voila, yogurt. I make mine with lactose-free milk for the benefit of me and everyone around me.

I personally think he’s kind of at the low end of the scale, but John Stamos is definitely still a man.

Most markets (I’m New Jersey too) carry one or two full fat yogurts (usually in the large tubs), you do have to look hard among the dozens of low fat ones. Try other markets if yours is limited.

My Wegmans had stopped getting the Stoneyfield vanilla in the little cup, only option was the large tub for awhile, but they brought back the little cups, so maybe people asked for it back.
I can get Fage greek in full fat there.
Oooh, the organic section has a coconut full-fat yogurt that is sublime, scandinavian name?

But yes, I’ve had trouble in ShopRite getting a full fat yogurt.

Yeah but he was still giving the yogurt to the woman to eat. He wasn’t eating it himself. The (beautiful, thin) woman was the one shown eating it and commenting on it’s delectability. It’s still in that niche.

Sadly, it’s true. I have a friend who runs a milk plant and he’s trying to break in to the yogurt business, and that’s what he says. So instead he’s going to focus on specialty products like drinkable yogurt and water buffalo milk yogurt (yes, really).

There’s those commercials where the woman is describing all the wonderful desserts she’s been eating and the Stupid HusbandTM is frantically hunting through the fridge only to have it revealed she’s talking about freakin’ yogurt, and the followup one where he’s bragging about all the desserts HE’S been eating, and is embarrassed to be caught eating her yogurt…

How about the yogurt that makes you poop? Or does Jamie Lee Curtis have that market completely sewn up?

Poll: Do guys eat yogurt? (from back before we could do real polls)

Wait, what?

I’ve never been into the “yoghurt as a snack” thing, but I think I buy as much as my wife. Dolloped onto borscht, as an ingredient for curries, sauces, and dressings, etc. Yum.

But then again, the yogurt selection at my local supermarket goes from 0% to 15%, so there may be regional differences. The only place I’ve ever seen it limited to fat free yogurt is at the hospital cafeteria - but their vending machines only have “potato chips” that have been baked, it’s bizarro world there.

I’m male and I love yogurt as well. However, it’s been marketed pretty much exclusively to women here in the United States for a better part of a decade now.

Regardless of that, you have to be able to get real yogurt, right?

I mean, there has to be enough people (of whatever gender) who just want to make a Chicken Paprika that doesn’t taste like failure to warrant whole milk yogurt on the shelves. That stuff is a staple. Not having it available is on the order of going into a supermarket and finding that they don’t have any sugar, just aspartame or cyclamates. Weird.

Michael Weston eats yogurt. And lots of it.

Nitpick: Michael Westen.

FAGE brand will keep you away from those feeble imitations. Full-fat or 2%. I think they have smaller cups with honey. Started eating this after a round of antibiotics left me a bit yucky, and I don’t miss the fruit flavors at all now.

I don’t make any foods with yogurt as an ingredient so it isn’t an issue for me.

I bought full fat Fage today. Shop around - while regular Greek yogurt can be hard to source, I’m always seeing regular full-fat yogurt at different stores.

It’s only low-fat, sweetened, individual-size yogurts that are marketed at ladies.