A twicky gimmick

This is not difficult for Philly folks, but a guy from a city that honors a Gallic marquis in its naming finds a shout-out to his town an impossibility.

Confirmatory. Awfully humorous, and fairly unanticipated, I’d say.

Got it. Can I post a hint?

not so much luck on this post though, huh?

Now that I know how to do it, I can add my own words. Hi, folks!

What SDMBisms work? Hi Opal, Rio by Duran Duran, Marianas … oops, no, scratch that.

But only for a third of an hour.

It’s trivial to grasp, but difficult to satisfy.

Had you only said that fatal word for a Pacific part, I could tauntingly go: “Gotcha ya!”

I don’t actually know, but I think I got it.

Am I right? Say I am.

Typos may slip in, but said typos don’t slip in at my volition. Typos do as typos will.

If I’m right, this is a hard way to post.

Nope, guess not. :frowning:


Thou art wrought of gold. :wink:

This post has … awww, fuggidaboutit.

Big whoop, y’all. It’s not that hard to do.

I finally got one of Twicks’ twicky posts! Woo-hoo! I rock, and stuff. :smiley:

And so do you!

Today I bought daffodils, lilacs, and tulips.

Ok, um…I’m a good…uh…work…guy…

I got it right away off of twicky’s original post.

Although, my ocular organs saw similar things in my past.

I got it! I did! I truly did!

But can I do it too?

I will try.

You win a copy of Wright’s story Gadsby. Lucky you! What will you do with it?