A twicky gimmick

Join twicks in this world of wordplay –

If you can distinquish what is idiosyncratic about this OP, you might want to add a post of your own.

If not, naturally, you won’t.

Hint: Looking in my crystal ball, I don’t think most participants will fashion particularly wordy posts.

I saw that!
As I’m not particularly good at this sort of thing, my followup post is-- as you did intuit-- a bit short. And awkward.

The opposite style message’s even harder. Perhaps another time.

This’ll Do may stick around – Ludovic may not.

I can’t distinquish anything. :frowning:

I think it’s obvious!

Nothing to it.

Nothing to it, but short is truth. Too long, and I’ll slip up.

Some friends vetted this post, but they do not know if it will pass.


All but vetbridge (sic) may stay.

If I’m right, this’ll do. If I’m wrong, it probably won’t. Also, possibly, I’ll do it wrong anyway.

Anyway, I wish my cold would go away. I can’t afford to miss any additional sub days. Plus, it’s annoying as piss to cough so much. My throat hurts and I sing this Sunday.

That’s probably about all I can pull off for now. I’m gonna do it wrong if I go on.

Actually, this kind of posting’s not that hard if you think about it a bit – in fact, a long fictional story in this way of writing was thought out on many occasions.

But I admit, Control-f is a God-wrought savior in making total clarity that I didn’t skirt said posting gimmick. Now if I could only find a way to skirt stupid articulatory grammar constraints, and find a way to point to past actions without totally jumping through hoops.

I’m finding it a bit troubling to do, though I thought it wouldn’t turn out that way. Oddly, it occurs to my mind that Yoda would champion this string of posts with its idiosyncratic grammatical quirk. But at its finish, I find it a charmingly quizzical thing. Thanks, Twick!

Why, thank you kindly. For now, a truly worthy contribution must wait. Such grammatical gymnastics would call for significant laboring with (how do you say it-- that gigantic book with lists of words with similar connotations?-- my mind is a blank). But this morning I am working; duty calls.

For this post? I call it a “dictionary”. :wink:

Bravo/a, all! Posts 11-14 pass with flying colors.

(I also find Control-F a utilitarian pal.)

Post #15 also.

I [del]get[/del] got it now!

And it only took an hour. Slightly not as much of a task than my actual work, though.

I fail without changing.

Ha! So your post #5 was blind luck?

Boobs! What do I win?

I was going to just post that ^, but thought I’d tighp a bit to go with it in so I could show I’m cool. Wow, I sound stupid writing stuff in this post.