A veritable shitstorm

I bring you PoopNado of 2018. :eek:
I was recently in a parking garage undergoing (re)construction. There were two porta-potties on wheels; presumably because the ceiling wasn’t high enough to drive them in on the normal trucks. Think how much fun they could be! - Your buddy goes in to do his business; you slowly & carefully roll it a bit so that either when he opens the door it’s facing a different direction which could be very disorienting or you wheel it up against a column so he can’t open the door. (Why yes, I am diabolical!)
I wonder if any of these moved while someone was inside?

If you haven’t read it, Stephen King’s short story, “A Very Tight Place,” from Just After Sunset covers just about everything to expect in a similar situation. Not for the squeamish (naturally).

I know I’ve seen a prank on TV where someone enters a porta-potty, and once they close the door, a whole team rushes into action, rolling a portable enclosure around the door and in a minute or so fitting it out as a boardroom complete with table, chairs, and meeting. When the door of the porta-potty opens, there the meeting is, everyone looking at the new arrival and waiting for a report…