A Very Early and Stolen MMP

Gators make people stupid. I have a very strong memory of my paternal grandfather hanging off a dock on Kiawah Island in South Carolina, holding out a hunk of raw chicken (being used as bait for crabbing) while standing practically on top of a sign that said DO NOT FEED THE ALLIGATORS.

Three days later, I watched my maternal grandfather do the exact same thing.

Me: Gramps, you shouldn’t feed the gators.
Gramps: I survived the South Pacific.
Mom: Honey, if he gets his hand bitten off, it’s his own damn fault.

I like Drae’s color scheme. Live a little!

So a more detailed breakdown of this weekend:

So I went down to visit the Future-In-Laws this weekend.

Apparently his mom missed us all. I haven’t seen her since Christmas, so I figured it was time for me to go down, too.

We drove down early Saturday morning, and missed all the traffic, but my Og there were so many cops on the road. We counted at least 15 or 16, many of which had pulled someone over.

Anyway, we got down there around 11, and learned that his Aunt wanted to go shopping with us. So we waited until about 12, then decided we could at least hit the fabric store by ourselves. It’s this great fabric store with silks and stuff for cheap.

We did go there, but I felt rushed and wasn’t able to take the time to properly pick out a curtain. I did however find a beautiful green color for a sari, which I will take a picture of and show later…i just need to find matching material for the blouse and petticoat. His mom paid for it.

When we returned home, his Aunt was just pulling in at the same moment. So we went in, fed her, and then headed back out. We were aimed for a Super JoAnne’s his mom had heard off.

Well, the super JoAnne’s turned out to be about 40 minutes away! And when we got there it was less than impressive. Honestly, the one up here in Albany is bigger, probably because we only have the one for miles around.

We shopped around a little and then returned to another JoAnne’s. This one had a little tool cart I’d been looking for, for my garden tools. Since I have such a small garden, I only needed a small cart. But this cart turned out to be $40.00! No way I was going to buy a 1.5 foot caddy for $40. So we left that there.

Next we hit Whitepost farms and I bought a couple of plants to fill my last two planters, a broccoli plant and a celery plant. Should be fun.

We didn’t get back until after 5, and dinner was supposed to be at 5! His mom was joking that her husband would be mad. But it was Mother’s Day weekend after all.

We went to bed late, watching Mythbusters for two straight hours…what an interesting show. Then woke up the next morning, had breakfast, and were out of there by 11.

Lots of fun. :rolleyes: I am dying for a nice quiet weekend at home. This makes three weekends I haven’t been able to stay home. Still, got some nice stuff out of it.

Hey FCMom, I’ll see your weird analyze this dream, and raise you one.

Last night, I dreamed that as a promotional stunt, McDonald’s was sponsoring a fleet of red helicopters to go around the country, dropping off flocks of penguins to waddle through selected neighborhoods. One landed near my house and released a bunch. I wanted to go watch, but VWife didn’t want anything to do with it.

Much to our horror and the delight of the 2 cats and Maddy the VunderDog, the 20 penguins released waddled into our yard and managed to get into the house… :eek:

Bobbio, that’s a *great * dream! I love pengys!

I’d druther be judged by 12 than eaten by a potential pair of boots. Screw the Fish and Game department.

Yesterday I WAS APPRECIATED! Woo hoo! I have chilluns and a husband who love me, as demonstrated by the ceramic tiles I received from Cherry Girl and Wonder Boy, the lovely topaz necklace I “received” from Little Mr. Baby Cherry and the snuggly coral bathrobe my wonderful husband got for me. I [ii] did* make the pancakes for breakfast (three berries, plus oat flour!) but I did it out of gratitude for my darlings.

My butt and fingers ache, however. Now there’s a lovely combination. It comes from planting 8 bazillion flowers over the weekend. Oww oww oww. Meanwhile, dear husband wired and installed more light and outlets in the attic and garage. So while that was owie producing for both of us … it led to a co-hottub, which as anyone knows is A Wonderful Thing. Especially to end a marvelous Mother’s Day.

I KNOW!! My chiropractor says about every 5th treatment or so will be a massage by the cute, but apparently humorless Jennifer. Still, it was nice, very relaxing, and she really got into releasing some knots in my back.

drae, I like color like that, could you come out and explain to the Wife that not everything has to be muted and drab? Our next door neighbors did their bedroom entirely in that same color green as yours is, but the popped-out ceiling is just a shade lighter.

:smiley: That is 'ZACTLY what Mr. Anachi says.

The Weird One - I would advise going to the Dr. BEFORE it gets infected. Even stating the antibiotics immediately after getting bitten, FetchSpouse still started getting an infection. Never, ever think a tooth-puncture by a cat will be OK.

I, on the other hand, managed to get my very first Worker’s Comp injury at the end of the day on Friday, so I’ll probably not even get any days off for it. (I normally work Tues - Fri) Owwie. 4 stitches in my index finger.

VunderBob - hey, send me some Pengy dreams, eh? I’ve been doing the "school anxiety’ things too much lately.

Lissla L - Those are quotes certain to make me wonder if I ought to go searching for the threads… maybe not. Thanks!

I had an odd snippet of dream this morning after the GF got up to get a shower and before one of the cats meowed in my face. I dreamt that the new Alaska quarters were out, and that they were bigger than normal quarters and of a blue color. But it looked like it was projected blue, like on a movie screen.

VBpb I forgot to ask - did you hit the Hooters in Chesapeake or over by the mall in Newport News?

Went to a woefully understocked Chinese buffet for lunch. The did not have rice, can you believe it? I’m contacting the city to get there buffet license removed - you can have a Chinese buffet without rice! It’s un-American, er, un-Chinese. Or sumtin.

Failure is feedback. And feedback is
the breakfast of champions.

Mmm, breakfast in …

Chesapeake, on Battlefield Blvd. Much nicer than the one we usually go to in Hampton.

Mika this is the Albany I’m talkin’ about. 'Cept it’s pronounced Albeeny round here. I work in Albeeny but I don’t live there.

Weird dreams mean either one of two things usually. Don’t eat pizza before going to bed or it’s time to have the meds adjusted. :smiley:

Sean we do indeed have people who need to be told to come in out of the rain and lightning. I can understand the siren warnings but the talking thing has always baffled me too. First, you have to be outside to understand what the man (it’s a chauvanistic siren, only male voices) is saying and even then it’s kinda hard. The sirens can be heard from inside, so there’s folks like me who like to go outside to hear the talking siren. Sometimes we have really bad storms and no warnings. Go figure.

Puggy I ain’t worried about being eaten by gators. First, I got enough sense not to get within chompin’ distance. Second, I don’t think they like the way I look. I mean, everytime I’ve ever been to the gator exhibit at the zoo and the gators are stirrin’, they tend to look at me then walk away. I get snubbed by gators!

Drae I like the colors! :cool:

Just poppin’ back in to say, Sean there is absolutely nothing <snerk>worthy about that fortune. Somebody was phoning ‘em in that day is all I"m sayin’.

That is all for now.

[QUOTE=swampbearPuggy I ain’t worried about being eaten by gators. First, I got enough sense not to get within chompin’ distance. Second, I don’t think they like the way I look. I mean, everytime I’ve ever been to the gator exhibit at the zoo and the gators are stirrin’, they tend to look at me then walk away. I get snubbed by gators!


I should point out that the potential VunderLair is about 5 miles from the southern end of the Great Dismal Swamp. Too cold to have to worry about Rippy the Gator going chomp chomp chomp, but black bears from GDS make the news about 3 times a year… :eek:

Living on the Peninsula now, the only time there’s any bears in Hampton is when the circus comes to town.

Looks like I’m dreaming of going to coding school…

Yeah, I know. I was asking because some of the Wal-marts down there have mixed up our number with the Telecheck hotline. So if your check gets declined, you get a piece of paper that they can call to complain. So I get these kinds of calls all the time:

Me: “Hello, ABCD Company.”
Customer: “Yes, I’m callin’ to find out why mah check was declahned.”
Me: “Sorry I can’t help you. They’re giving out the wrong number.”
Them: “Ain’t you in Albeeeeeeeny?”
Me: “Yes, but we’re in Albany, NY. You’re trying to get to Albany, Georgia. Right?”
Them: Silence for a moment, then: “Can’t you just tell me why mah check was declahned?”
Me: :rolleyes: “No, I’m sorry, you’ll have to call Wal-Mart back.”

I remember that turducken thread where Lissla pulled Askia’s quote. It’s a hoot.

I just went out to lunch with my mama and one of my sisters. I had a chicken sandwich and Mama paid. Yippe! Plus there were leftovers.

Goodness I lead an exciting life.

Morning, everybody!

Wait. It’s afternoon.

I didn’t get to sleep until after five (which is when Mr. Lissar got up for work) and so am cranky and tense. I hope everyone at work will placate me with chocolate amd tea.
I love telling people about banana worms. It’s even better than telling them that Canada became Communist back in the 70’s, and that our flag is white for snow, and red for Communism.
Drae, I really like the colour scheme. Much better and more interesting than the original. And you shouldn’t say that the pain spill is a paint spill. Make up a good story about your war wound.

I am glad idon’t live anywhere with alligators.