A video game (online) that will make addicts by the hundreds. Try it.

This was my favorite video game growing up. Even today, I LOVE playing it.
It’s a puzzle game, of sorts…and the rules are simple:

  1. You need to rid every level of the flames in it.
  2. You do this with blocks of ice, both pre-existing and that which you can make yourself (with the z or x buttons).
    This is a game that was on the original NES. It’s called Fire’N’ice. It’s got about 150levels that progressively get harder to solve. It remains one of the most addictive games I have ever known. In my history of having this game (from age 8 to about 19), I have turned about 10 people onto it…and thus into crazed puzzle solvers.

Just play fifteen minutes of it…or do the first 10 levels (all of world one–because each world has ten levels in it, not including a “boss” level)…and I am positive a lot of you will be hooked and want to play the rest of it.
Throughout the years I’ve become a master at this game and can solve MOST of the levels in the shortest time possible…so if anyone gets stuck or needs a clue, I can do my best…but I’m guessing:

  1. Most of you will get pretty far on your own and
  2. There will be no shortage of people able to help in this topic.
    Here is the game.


WARNING…highly addictive game ahead. Turn back before it’s too late.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

After a long intro, I got to the point where I was instructed to push the start button. Seeing no button of any kind, I clicked on the words “Start button”. This led to a repeat of the long intro, at which point I quit.

Addictive? I don’t think so.

You don’t click on the sceen with the mouse. You use the keyboard.

The start button is the “Enter” key. The A and B buttons are the Z and X key (although, in this game, they both do the same thing so you’ll only ever use one of them).

And, of course, lastly are the four arrow keys…although in this game only either right or left is used.
Can’t get much simplier that that. :slight_smile:

ETA: To start playing levels press:

A (this takes you to the “Press Start” screen), Enter (this takes you to the house screen), A (this takes you to the kids listening to their grandma tell the story), and finally, A again (this takes you to the worlds).

Just click A on any world to start the levels…you can choose what level you start on and even what world you go to…but keep in mind it’s always best (I find) to start at the beginning and go in order…especially if you’ve never played the game before).

OK, I’ll bite. How does one go about “escaping my labyrinth” (in 1-1)? I see no exit to get to.

You just extingish all the flames. Once you do that, the level automatically ends.

1-1 is fairly easy as there is only one way to go and no way to lose.

Ahh, see I figured “escape my labyrinth” meant “escape my labyrinth” and not “extinguish those two flames before the fire floor rises to meet you.”

Bite me… :frowning:

:smiley: Having fun anyway!

Oh wow…you’re farther along than I thought…so you were actually in the first boss level, then? Because that’s the only place where the fire floor rises.

To put them out, just do what you’ve been doing all this time. You’ll have to make ice…first make a floor for you to stand on and then make ice one step above that (for each one) so you can push it onto them. The first one (IIRC) is dispatched this way. The second requires you to drop a single block down beside it to push into it.

Oh, is it fun, RyJae? You’ll get the hang of it pretty quick. There is no jump, for one. The way you get onto ledges is just run into the side of it and you’ll boost yourself up automatically…the thing is, you can only do this if the level above you is one space…not two. :slight_smile: As you’ll probably find out many, many times during the game.
(don’t feel bad…when I first started playing this game…it took me FOREVER to do some of the levels. One level (7-2) took me MONTHS to figure out, but when I got it, it was SUCH a good feeling.

Well, just beat it again. That felt good. Haven’t done it for awhile.

Course, there’s hidden levels, too, when you beat the whole thing.

It’s fun little game. I’m up to world 4, but I have a quick question.

When I finished 3-1 through 3-9, the boss level didn’t show up. Is that because I had started at 3-1 instead of 1-1 which I had solved previously? Do I have to solve it all in one sitting?

Thanks for the game.

Yeah, you need to do level’s 1-1 to 2-9 and then both world one and two’s boss level…and then it opens up.
How’s it going, by the way? Finding it fairly easy/hard? You get them fairly fast?

You can also save your game on there, you know. Just press “Esc” while playing and it brings up clickable (with the mouse) options.

Pretty neat, reminds me of Adventures of Lolo.

How do you beat 1-7? Something tells me if I figure out that technique, I’ll use it over and over again (getting more and more advanced, of course).

Never mind, I figured it out. It’s a bit of a mental block to realize you can create ice “through” a wall, since you create it diagonally below you.

Okay, how about 3-6? I can’t figure out how to get above the flame.

Never mind, I figured it out. It’s a bit of a mental block to realize you can create ice “through” a wall, since you create it diagonally below you.

How’s it going? You must be about world five by now.

Stuck on 4-4.

Okay, just took a look at what one that is…here’s a clue, hopefully.
You’ll need to, obviously, make it so you have one block to kill the lower flame…and then one block to hop up on to kill the higher one.