A violent dream (my wife is SO understanding!)

Last night I had a violent dream. That’s the only way to describe it, it wasn’t quite a nightmare, but wasn’t pleasant. Some guy was vandalizing something of mine that held great importance to me (can’t remember quite what it was). I needed this item to accomplish a specific task, and he was smirking while rendering it inoperable. I jumped him, pinned him to the ground, and got one of his hands in my left fist with his fingers sticking straight out between mine. I proceeded to break his fingers one by one while commenting on how “he picked the wrong guy to mess with” and other high-testosterone phrases. It was at that point that I woke up… and… had ahold of my wife’s hand and was trying to break her finger!!
Being asleep, I was only using about 1/10th of my strength so I was accomplishing nothing really painful.
My wife very calmly says, “Dear, are you having a nightmare?”
“Um, Yeah”
“What was it about?”
“I was fighting with someone.”
“Did you win?”
“Yeah, I did, I guess.”
“That’s good, dear. Now go back to sleep.”
Yeesh! No more hot chicken wings followed by chocolate cake before bed!

This happens to me from time to time. I have a lot of James Bond chase-type dreams.

We were just about to escape in a helicopter; the babe was halfway up the ladder into the helicopter, and I was just below her. There was the Miscellaneous Bad Guy on the ladder just below me, so I kicked him in the face, my wife said “ow”, I kicked him again, she said “quit that”, I kicked her in the leg a third time and said “whoops.” Luckily I was also using that sleeping strength you mentioned…

I must have had a violent dream recently, too. My husband said when the alarm went off at 6:30am, I rolled over on top of him, gave him 2 kicks to the leg, followed by several blows to the right ear.

That’s exactly how he put it. He should have been a boxing announcer. I asked, “Several blows to the right ear? Really?” I don’t remember doing it at all, or what the dream might have been about. I’ve been having a couple of rough weeks, though, and dreaming some other strange dreams, so I am forgiven.

You guys must be dreaming about Mods.
I just become awakened by the dogs.

Your wife is lucky! I tried to bite my wife’s nose off once, in my sleep… :eek:

I’ve had dreams of being chased by people with guns and knives and hiding in places.

I wonder what it all means?

It means they know you hid their stash, and they want it back.

I once woke up to find my fiance was saying “It’s me! It’s me!” while he had pinned me to the bed because I was trying to hit him.

I think it happened because I had fallen asleep angry because my fiance deliberately kept waking me up.

Strangely, he does not remember this ever happening.

I was in deep blissful sleep the other night when my missus punched me fair on the nose. Dunno about sleeping strength either - it was quite a stinger. She never even completely woke up either.

The SO and I like to spoon or spread on each other (i.e. he lays down, I lay down next to him with my leg and arm over him) at night. One night we were spooning, and he had his hand on my breast as usual when apparently he was doing the nightly twitch that you sometimes do when you sleep. And guess which part of him twitched.

His hand convulsed over my breast and proceeded to open-GRAB-open-GRAB until I woke up and threw his hand off me because that HURT! He apologized profusely when he woke up, and I know it wasn’t his fault, but we can’t sleep with his hand on my breast anymore because I’m so paranoid.

Ow…poor Lefty…

I move in my sleep somewhat. I’ve punched the wife once or twice (eep!) but other incidents are more interesting. Once I had a dream that I was in an elevator but the button for my floor wouldn’t engage. So I kept pressing, steadily harder albeit not violently. Eventually Mrs. Cliffy stopped me – it was her forearm I was pushing.


Let me apologize on her behalf. She didn’t mean it.

I know this because I once plastered the WryGuy smack on the schnozz, and not gently, either. I woke up JUST as my fist connected, so I was able to pull my punch slightly, but apparently not enough. He woke up cussing and holding his nose, with his eyes watering. The worst part was that once I was awake, I was able to see the humor in the situation, and I fell out of bed laughing, which did very little to ease his pain.

Not quite as bad as my friend Scott, though, who was dreaming about basketball and tried to slam dunk his wife’s head, using the headboard of their bed as the backboard.

We knew a couple when I was a kid. The husband was a sleep mover/walker. He had a Civil War dream and jumped through the window. When he woke up with the house gun in his hand, they put it in her nightstand.

My ex-husband woke me once in the middle of the night…because he was choking me. He was in a deep sleep and it took a bit of struggling to wake him up. It didn’t help that he was weight-lifting at the time and was quite strong. Apparently he was dreaming that someone was trying to kidnap me and in his dream he was choking one of the kidnappers.

Yeah, that was scary.

A few nights ago my SO elbowed me in my side – turned out, he was dreaming that he was fighting off an attacking donkey.

Dreams. Who knows.

Lies! All lies! :eek:

A few nights ago, my husband was talking in his sleep. I guess he was in a meeting because he said " Yes thankyou, that would be the most appriate thing to do" and then a few hours later he said “that would be the most appriate thing to do”. I didnt wake him up but asked him if he was dreaming of work that night.

Once in his sleep he also used my toenails to scratch his leg to the point that it was bleeding and I didnt even notice that I was being used as a scratching post.

When my mother was first together with my step-dad, they were both tending bar at a local golf club. After a particularly long and busy night working the bar, they went home and crashed into bed exhausted. In the middle of the night, my step father asked my mum what the time was. She looked at the clock radio and said: “Two dollars fifty-five, thanks”.

I tried to strangle my wife in my sleep once - I’d changed meds, and the new ones were giving me dreadful nightmares: she woke me up as I was screaming with my hands around her throat, fortunately not very hard. I have no idea what the fuck I was dreaming, but it scared the hell out of me - she was very patient and understanding, but I slept in the other bedroom for the next year for fear I’d really hurt her.