A20 Stop the "War"

Feeling up for a round of mentally critiquing the anti-War on Terror activists, I decided to visit their website for the April 20th rally in Washington. Typing in “www.a20stopthewar.com” (as I recalled was the web address) and discovered a single page which desires to end the American war against [insert almost every nation on Earth] by any means necessary. Apparently, the US is currently at war with such hostile nations as Andorra, Marshall Islands, Belize, Ireland, and many other hostile nations. Apparently we have maintained peace with Australia and Canada.

Their notions are so ridiculous. Though I must admit my non-existent brother is a veteran of the horrendous American-Maldives war of 2001…

When I see the date of this rally, I begin to wonder if it’s by chance that they appear to be high.

you don’t exactly seem to understand this all. while they might be blowing things a bit out of control, they know they’re stuff. we DO have secret missions in many nations.

heck, we removed just about every socialist ruler in central/south america, even if they were actually good, and replaced them with military dictators. surpising eh?

and it is a good thing to march for. i wanted to be there, but due to lack of money and motherly interference, i’m not.

and they’re not high. there is strictly no drugs there. they don’t need that to encourage the cops to use their trademark brutality on a peaceful march for peace.

(ynh), plea for peace.

(your name here) sorry if I found their main website comical, unconvincing, and stupid. One could make the argument that they support destroying Washington DC (to quote their site “by any means necessary”). We do have secret missions in other nations, and so do many other nations. Nothing unique. My advice to these naive losers: Get a life.

they mean destroying in a less literal sense. a goomdportion of people there will be anarchists and anti-government activists. both whom i support, as i am one.

they mean to destroy the gov’t there. since washington d.c. holds the gov’t, destroy d.c. sounds more symbolic, i suppose.

Along with horribly idiotic, inhumane, and Nazi-esque. I’m sure if there was no government all would be met with peace! (denote sarcasm)

There are anarchist countries, and they have names like “Somalia” and “Sierra Leone.” Anarchism is one of the most inherently flawed and ridiculous doctrines ever proposed, and probably more dangerous if it were to be implemented on a wide scale than communism or fascism. Of course, that’s material for a whole 'nother thread.

I’ve got several opinions on this issue. On one hand, I have a good friend who is a big anti-capitalist/anti-government activist. I have known him for three years, and I can say with certainty that he’s one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. Name any historical or scientific issue, and he’s already read a book or three on it, and is fully prepared to engage in a discussion. So, not all of these people are uneducated or delusional.

On the other hand, I have some problems with the anarchist doctrine. The main one is that I do not believe that you can have an anarchist revolution. Revolutions only work when you replace one government with another. You can’t have a revolution that replaces one government with nothing; the people who supported the government will just build it again and come down harder against the rest.

However, I do agree with many anarchist stances on particular issues. Many of those issues can, in some form, be affected by our existing government. Essentially, I believe that over a VERY long period of time, it may be possible for the government to legislate its way out of existence.

I know I’m going to get ripped apart for that argument, partially because I didn’t fully explain it, as I think that would lead this thread too far off topic. If you care to debate politics, AIM me (A L Hubcaps) sometime.

-Andrew L

oh my, i could go so many ways from here. but just so i don’t hijack too much, i’ll keep it short.

most true anarchists know that a truly lawless and systemless society is impossible. there will always be some sort of trade or commanding person who intimidate his peers and control them.

but! there are soem sorts of anarchy that still have some authority on place, enough to keep peace and deal with group issues. one type, popularized by monty python and the holy grail, is anarcho-syndaclism. a good idea, i must say. if you feel like talking about this stuff more, find me at savetheworld89 on aim.


Come and see the violence inherent in the system! COME AND SEE THE VIOLENCE INHERENT IN THE SYSTEM! HELP! HELP! I’M BEING REPRESSED!

Secret missions do not a war make.

ah, but it is state sponsered terrorism. the thing america is “fighting”. yeah, right. and what about columbia? with all the covert ops there could qualify as a war, or our “gentle” nudging which started civil wars.

(ynh), just waiting for the fbi agents at my door

(ynh) Covert ops in foreign nations is not “state sponsered terrorism.” To call it so pisses on the grave of all those who have died at the hands of al-Qaida, Hamas, Sendero Luminiso, the Tamil Tigers, etc. And what about Colombia (note spelling, please)? FARC, an extreme leftist guerilla group, is waging a terrorist/sabotage campaign against the Colombian populace while also aiding drug cartels. The US government has aided in the fight against them. What’s wrong with that?

And oh, these secret missions! They’re all so horrible! Like disposing of the Mullah Omar, Hitler, and Trujillo! They were all such good figures really…We just weren’t tolerant enough to accept their death squads and brutal oppression. </sarcasm>

Face it. You’re a high school freshman and most likely influenced greatly through the forms of subculture media and your peers. Albeit I’m not much older, I feel that I’m something of a fluke (perhaps with an ego problem :wink: ). Geo-politics is a very complex realm. Black and white cannot be applied in a world where the truth is multicolored. Anyone who wishes to dispose of the American government (and what it stands for) is doing a great disservice to freedom, Western ethics, and secular values. Those who claim that America is oppressive are metaphorically defecating on all those who died in the gulags, those who died at Auschwitz, those who were burned for their beliefs, those who were killed by Mao or Pol Pot, those who were massacred in Rwanda just for their ethnicity. Methinks most modern anarchists and their ilk wouldn’t know actual oppression if it kicked them in the ass.

And to anarchist teens: curfews and anti-drug laws do not make police fascists (I know this wasn’t mentioned in the thread, but I felt obligated to mention it from past experience).


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