They should know better, they really should.

You get to a certain age, you think high school is over. Apparantley it NEVER FUCKING ENDS!
I don’t want to have these same, “You said that” “No, you said that!” fights when I am 30. Or now.

Well, good riddence to them, I say.
sigh Help me out, guys. Tell me it ends soon. :frowning:

I want to know about your immature “he said, she said” fights. The times a group of people banded together and decided you were “turning everyone against each other”.

This must be one of the most incoherent pit threads ever. :rolleyes:

I’ve got news for you. It never ends. If they did it in high school, they will do it for the rest of their lives.

As to an example, I present to you Mr Fucktard.

It’s not, because I just live through exactrly what torie is talking about.

Junkies suck.

I hate to the be the one to tell you this, torie, but the older I get the more I come to conclude that the normal mode of human interaction is exactly the model one sees in high school. (And Kindergarten, and middle school, too.) The reasons for the rancor may become more adult, but the actual interactions - still kindergarten. :rolleyes:

Welcome to life… :rolleyes:

That’s because it originates from the most incoherent situation ever. :rolleyes:

that is because when torie angry torie smash!


AAAAAAAUUUUUUUURRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!! Muad’Dib make fun of me! Torie no like make fun of! TORIE SMASH! TORIE ANGRY! Me no talk like that! Maud’Dib big poopyhead. Maud’Dib’s new name is Poopy McButtface!

You’re not exactly helping your own case Torie.

:confused: I don’t really have a case. I just wanted to do general ranting about my ex-friends. I also didn’t want to go into ridiculous detail about the whole situation because I want to start using more decorum (?) in my conversation here.
So if anything sounds confusing and weird, that’s why. :slight_smile:

I disagree with some posters who have suggested this is just how people are.

It’s how <i>some</i> people are. Life is easier if you stay away from them. There are many people whose default way of dealing with people is honest, straightforward, and respectful.

You can’t control what your friends/ex-friends do, but you can be sure to take no part in it. Make sure you’re not doing any of the same behaviors you’re offended by. Then, refuse to be made a party to what they’re doing. Don’t be an audience for the backstabbing. Don’t listen to the gossip. If someone says “You won’t believe what Julia said…” stop them before they can tell you. You don’t need to hear it, you don’t want to hear it.

In the meantime, do what you can to limit your exposure to them. You didn’t give a lot of details, so I assume there is a reason why you are unable to avoid these people altogether. Work to change that if it all possible.

Here’s something that has helped me a lot in my dealings with certain members of my social circle (notice I don’t call them ‘friends’) who have at times in the last year tried to suck me into their ‘highschool’ shenanegins:

When a situation has really gotten to me, I have thought to myself: “Self, just how would you put your distress in terms for the Straight Dope community? How would they react?” I think of Dopers I respect and adore from afar like Yosemitebabe, Lobsang, Phlosphr, or Quadgop who might read of my childish distress, although probably not post, and think poorly of my social skills for not being able to shrug off the crud. Odd as it may seem, NOT posting my troubles here has done me more good than actually posting them would have.

Without fail, I realize that I would be extremely embarassed to tell all of you how much it hurt when I was excluded from the ice cream social (not really what happened, but analogous in terms of petty backbiting). I began to see it as silly rather than evil. With that realization comes the understanding that these situations are truly not worth my agony (something that I already knew intellectually, but which had no emotional truth until I put it in Straight Dope terms). I find myself able to ignore the gossip about who is in the doghouse this week (hoping it’s not me) and spend my time with those who would rather talk about Sonic Youth, Philip K. Dick or population control.

You know what makes me really, really angry???

Completely non-descriptive thread titles!!!


I’m going with Cranky on this one. Not everyone is like that, but some people are. I had an acquaintance who could be really, really petty and annoying, so I stopped hanging around her very much. I can’t control her attitude and don’t wish to but I definitely don’t need to be subjected to it. At age 32 I’m finding my spare time is pretty valuable and I’d rather spend it with people who have meaning in my life. I have no problem excusing myself from a situation that I don’t want to be in.

I never meant that everyone acts this way. And, like you, at my age, I don’t have the time to waste on those who do act this way. Having said that - while none of my friends act that way, I do believe most of the humanity does act that way. Just another reason for being discriminating when choosing friends. :smiley:

Well, I already have kicked them out of my life. I changed my phone number, a necessary step considering one girls penchant for calling people when she is drunk and yelling at them. :rolleyes:
So there, done.
I agree that I have to be more selective than I have been in the past when I choose my friends. I have a lot more courage about these things then I used to. :slight_smile:

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Title “AAAUURRRGHHH!! SOMETHING SUCKS!!!” Bush? No. Abortionists? No. Cellphone users? No. AAAAAURRGHHH!!! Something makes me VERRRRRYYYY angry!!! People that fight… or something… AAAAAURRGHHHH!!!

actually, I found torie’s reply to Muad uite funny.
I give the OP a 5 but said response an 8.

clayton gets a 9.

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I’m torie James, Bitch!!!