Aack! I'm indecisive about changing my username! Help!

So, I’ve wanted to change my username for a long time.

But I say to myself, I don’t post that often, so what’s the point? But one of the reasons I don’t post often is I’m “embarrassed” by my username. Vicious cycle, really. (I’ve been quite addicted to reading the SDMB on a daily basis, however, since long before I signed up).

Yes, I know there are many threads with great username suggestions, and many of those are clever/charming, etc. – but I’d really like to come up with something on my own.

So here’s what I’ve come up with so far. I just sort of wanted to give these a test run, see what sort of impressions and/or connotations the names bring up. You know, make sure they don’t have unintended secondary meanings I’m not aware of and that sort of thing. I only get to change things once, so I want to do it right.
(Note: I’ve checked, these all appear to be available).

McFeather – The main reason I dislike my current name is the extra letters at the end, which are only one step up from tagging lots of numbers at the end of one’s screenname on the tacky-o-meter. However, the name is also a little cutesy (it’s from Heather McFeather), and sounds like something from McDonalds.

Yellow – Paired with the sigline: *“Yellow is capable of charming God.” – Vincent Van Gogh * I really like yellow.

or, Mellow Yellow, which is consistent with my personality, but tends to remind me of the pop/soda/soft drink.

Mirasol – An alternate name for my favorite (yellow!) flower, the “common sunflower”. Keeps with the flower theme (heather is a type of flower).


FWIW, I like Mirasol.

I like Mirasol. It has meaning, looks pretty, and is vague, three things important in a user name.