Utterly mundane and pointless - I feel like a new name. Suggestions?

When I first signed up to the Dope, my head was in a bad place (as was my life), and as an admitted agarophobic shut-in, I picked hermette as my female hermit identity for this place.

Two and half years later, life’s a lot better, and my username sucks :slight_smile:

Any suggestions for a new name for a Scottish feminist, mildly alcoholic, sarcastic, short-arsed, full time mum?

I quite like “Cinnamon Imp” (although I’m not really a celtic red-head as that implies. But I’d *like *to be, and used to be with the aid of modern hair dye technology if that counts) :wink:

Oooh, and also which of our many talented good-looking mods should I appraoch once I’ve made the carefully thought out decision? ATMB?

[1]Yes, I know name changes are limited, and not to be done on a whim. That’s why I’ve stuck with this irritating lower-case one for so long :slight_smile:

I rather like Cinnamon Imp! But that may be that I started getting my cinnamon from a bottle too, once I realized that my mom’s cinnamon wasn’t going to pass down to me. All I come up with at the moment, though, is Scotia. Sounds…umm…short and scottish and female :smiley:


I totally read that as “Cinnamon Limps” for some reason. It sounded painful. But Cinnamon Imp has a nice ring to it.

I believe the admins handle name changes…Marley23 or TubvaDiva should be able to hook you up. But be careful. They may make you wash their coffee mug first.

How about Scotitude? Or scotitudeRed?

(I’m trying to play on “attitude”, if you didn’t get it.)

If you want it more gender-identifiable, then perhaps scotitudeFemme?

Welcome to Out-Of-Your-Shell, by the way! It’s a better place to be. I found your post about what your ex did to you 2 yrs ago. What’s his user name, is it assHole?


Add a +1 for Scotitude!! :smiley:

Thanks! But, I think I’m missing a reference there…?

Ohhh, I quite like. Wonder if I can use it as a punny name though, and build on Nova Scotia somehow. Noble Scotia? :slight_smile: Nova-va-voom Scotia? :wink:

Mm, thanks, just makes me picture a ten year old boy for some reason though :slight_smile:

I’m sadly fond of washing up, so that’s fine with me! :smiley:

I like the idea, but worry people would read it as Scotti-dude :frowning:

And yes, if my daughter’s first sentence is “Daddy’s an arse”, I have no idea where she heard that, none at all…

(Yeah, I know. I’m trying not to badmouth him around her, but it’s hard to avoid sometimes!)

The Reeking Lum.
Na. No one would understand.


Or 'The Wee Weegie", but ditto :slight_smile:


I **like **it. Even if it makes me suspect you know me too well! :wink:

“modern” hair color totally counts.


Well then, cheers! hic

Try this Band Name Generator, monetary donations should be sent to wolf_meister, per this thread.

I think Dram Queen is pretty good. I like Hagarse but can see the downside.

I’m trying to think of something working alcohol and Scots into it but may need to find a book.

I don’t think Betrothed Woad or Lush Mither work. Wait until after coffee :slight_smile:

WellMother (Joking)

Nessie (I actually like this!)

Here are a few humble suggestions:

Cinnamon Scot
Cinnamon Rum
Scottie Rum
Scottie Mum
Luna Moth
Mother Tongue
Hot Buttered Mum
Cinnamon Lips

Hope you think of one you like!