Abbot and Costello go to summer school

Abbot: I just got approved for a summer course at X University.

Costello: What are you taking?

Abbot: Beach Ecology.

Costello: What’s it about?

Abbot: Beach ecology. Exactly what it sounds like.

Costello: Is that a real word?

Abbot:* (feeling a bit confused)* Of course it’s a real word. Beach Ecology.

Costello: Huh, when I was a bio major we just had plain old Bio. What do you do in Beach Ecology?

Abbot: Field trips to the beach. (This is not, in fact, the bulk of the course, but it’s what Abbot considers noteworthy). You know… studying beaches.

Costello: What a crazy-sounding course. (He turns and goes down the stairs).

Light dawns.

Abbot:* (runs after Costello)* Wait… you thought I said “beachacology”? I said “Beach Ecology”! Two words! Beach! Ecology!
Maybe once I’m done with that Beachacology course I should take a major in Sillyology. :smiley:

Let me see if I follow this…

You had a conversation with someone about beach ecology and it went pretty mucn verbatim what you posted. You were reminded of the “Who’s on first” sketch and so you chose to write it in a similar manner.

How’d I do?

I don’t know.


Hal, who’s on second post?

My apologies to Malleus, Hal, and descamisado. My post was poorly written. I was doped up on Sudafed and I should not have posted.

Sorry, everyone. :frowning:

So… you’re apologizing for a poorly written post indicating that my OP was poorly written? :slight_smile:

Yes, that was me (not quite verbatim, but my memory’s only human). I am really bad with faces, but I think the other person was a really short teacher.

Malleus, your post was certainly not “poorly written”. :slight_smile:

My brain was poorly hindered. :smack:

Do you really suffer from prosopagnosia? If so, how does this affect your day to day life?

BTW, knew of the condition, but didn’t know the name. You have fought my ignorance.

I had an “Ask the…” thread about it a while ago.


Third post!

Thanks for the link, Malleus, Incus, Stapes!