AbbySthrnAccent's One Year Anniversary as a Doper !!!

Let us break out the cone shaped party hats and ice cream cake, and wish AbbySthrnAccent a Happy Anniversary.

One year of awesome posts, thoughtful offerings and general great fun. !!! I’m gonna get out my patented Pin The Tail On The Doper *******game !!!

Come one, come all, let us have a nice party :slight_smile: Who has candles, and an ice cream cake knife???


******* jes’ kidding. not a live link… :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday, AbbyLove!

Are you SURE?

::rifles through archives::

Hmmph! Can’t find any evidence of it, but I coulda sworn that AbbySthrnAccent was an old-timer who used to post back when SDMB was on AOL. Someone I used to argue abortion rights with, & a lucid and cogent poster at that. Maybe I have her confused with someone else though…

Toon’s Thank you for remembering! I wondered why you told me to bring candles and an ice cream cake knife when you sent the link.

Scotti Thank you for the wishes.

AHunter3 Sorry to disappoint, but I really liked the “lucid and cogent poster” part of your post.