ABC Show "Missing" Plus DVR Snafu

We have watched the new ABC show, “Missing” with Ashley Judd and like it enough to put it on our DVR list.
Oddly, ABC has another program with the exact same name, “Missing” that is about real-life missing kids.
Our DVR tapes them both.

Not a huge inconvenience, but just found it odd a broadcast network would have TWO shows with the exact same name airing in the same season.

Which provider do you have?
I have Direct TV. I wish my DVR would record both the American, and UK versions of Being Human. The American show started first (this season), so that’s the one that records.

That is weird that ABC has 2 shows with the same title.

The other one *isn’t *an ABC show, it’s a syndicated show. Here it airs on either the CBS affiliate or an independent station (I forget which, I just know it shows up on either 14 or 15 on the cable guide). It just happens to be airing on an ABC affiliate in your area.

Still strange they have the same title, but sometimes it happens. Speaking of Being Human, for a while at least in addition to the Syfy and BBCA shows, there was some series on one of the religious channels I never watch also called Being Human. I assume that one did not deal with vampires, werewolves, and ghosts. Well, maybe Holy Ghosts.

Apropos of nothing, I used to work with a guy who was a big gear head and loved auto racing. Nascar, Formula One, drag racing, Le Mans, all that stuff. He set his DVR to record “drag racing”, or at least he though he did, and it recorded this. Not quite what he was looking for.