Help! I'm behind on Lost!

I missed some episodes. No trouble, I thought, I’ll watch them online during my down time at work (I have an awesome job.) But, today I got online and saw that season five is only available back to episode 9! I think I left off at #3.

In the past, I seem to remember that they were all there. Is there some magic portal that I’m missing? Do I have any hope but to wait for this whole season to come out on DVD?

I know there are children starving and all that, but this has seriously ruined my week. :frowning:

The entire season 5 is still available, but I don’t believe I can say much about where. You just have to look around.

Thanks, Olentzero. I’m not above that, just wondering if there’s another way, something like ABC has endorsed.

Yeah you can get them on iTunes for $2.99 each. You don’t need an iPod to view them…just download iTunes, go to the iTunes Store, purchase them and you’re all set.

Episode recaps on ABC website.

Free and legal; ta-dah!

Oh, and you’ll probably want to go to a website like wikipedia to get the order of the episodes, because it’s not necessarily in the correct order on that site.

A-ha! That’s what I was looking for! Thanks mshar!