ABC's "Are You Hot?": Slave Merchants As A Noble Profession?

I happened to catch a half hour of a new all-time-low reality show called, “Are You Hot?”
For the benefit of those fortunate enough not to have witnessed this mess, it is a rip off of “American Idol”, except they use male and female models on stage while three slave merchants (judges) proceed to rip them apart:
“Your teeth are too big.”
“Your legs are too skinny.”
“I give you an 8.5 on body, but a 4.5 on face.”
Lorenzo Lamas Jr. even used a laser pointer and focused on thighs and crotch-near areas to point out flaws.

The Westminster Dog show was far more tactful and humane to their four legged entrants.

The saddest moment was insisting some poor guy open his mouth and give everyone a look at his teeth. Slave market standards would have led the judges to go onstage and force his mouth open. I guess they will save that for another episode.

The OP is absolutely righteous.

And yet another reality TV idea is stolen from the apparently fertile mind of Howard Stern.

Well, no one was forced to be on the show.

And no one has to watch it. I didn’t; this is the first I heard of it.

Reality shows leave me deeply uninterested.

So have they started the bidding portion of the show yet? And how much are the women going for?

Oh geez, what a show… I was flipping the channels in between survivor and all that stuff, when this one caught my eyes… Oh my God, it was the most horrible show I have ever seen…
I was surprised not to have heard from it before, no previews or nothing…
Well, I caught the moment when this guy used a laser pointer on the girl and I was appaled… (sp?)
Also the poor guy who had to show his teeth, I never felt so bad for somebody.
I will never never watch this show again, I hope it goes down the crap very fast.

No – it’s “Dance 10, Looks 3” :wink:

That’s right, a Slaver!

Where there’s a whip, there is a way.

I’ll give her an 85 in showmanship, but 99 in execution (I slay me,) she’s got a funky beat and I can bug out to her like Ripley, believe it or not.

This from a man named ‘RealityChuck’?

Does anyone here think the govenment should pay studioes not to produce television programs? In the same fashion it pays (or at least used to pay) farmers not to grow crops? I’m half-serious.

Um, actually, I thought it was more of a ripoff of .

Made me wanna puke, anyway.

I was flipping channels and stopped on this because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Lamas had the laser pointer and was tracing around this woman’s inner thighs inches from her bikini’d hoo-ha. “Squeeze your legs together,” he said.

Jesus. Made me want to barf. I went on and watched a documentary about Heidelburg Man instead.