Abe's Edxodus and those damn sloggies!

I finally decided to play a game I bought over a year ago, Oddworld: Abe’s Exodous. It has lots of challenges but I can’t get past the sloggie pen in the entrance to the boneworx. Getting past the sloggies themselves ins’t a problem but the trapdoor doesn’t stay open long enough after I push the lever.

I swore I would enver get so worked up over a computer game.

Hi, Padeye.

I’m a big Oddworld fan and I’ll be happy to help if I can, but I haven’t played this game for a while and I’m not sure from your description exactly where you are in the game.

Can you provide a little more detail about exactly which lever you’re using?

Or, you may want to post your question at the Oddworld forums for a faster answer.

Best wishes!