About someone no one here knows but should hate anyway.

I preface this statement by saying this person is not on the list, nor will anyone here probably ever meet him. I absolutely can not stand a man named Vern H______, JR. He is basically a bully that validates his completely WRONG opinions (usually dealing with science) by having an utterly unrelated terminal degree. It is all fine and good that he was dedicated enough to complete the degree; however, he falsely assumes that he is an expert on every area involved in human existence because of it. I will post some things he said in another public forum but before I do so, I have to add that he throws in personal attacks as a way of validating himself, his points, and bullies others into agreeing with him because they do not actually know what a PHD entails. I also hate his job which involves lobbying to destroy our ecosystem. Yea! (that is sarcasm) His email which I am more mature to post here belies this fact. It is akin to “baby seal clubber@address.here” but is actually appropriate for the field he helps destroy.

He writes in a public forum, first,"(2) would no longer tolerate personal attacks, i
would not have rejoined this list." “(a) unlike others, i will refrain from getting personal. i believe that
these constant personal attacks made by others only serve to make my point,
that we need to give serious consideration as to whether we should stay with
genx, if there is no way to even police basic civil decency in our own
organization.” and then…
(specific name) himself, for example, has engaged in sexual activities at (group name) events. at (hosts)white trash party, (same specific name) proceeded to show everyone in the kitchen his penis. later, he proceeded to have sex with me and a third person, while a fourth person briefly watched, in (hosts) basement.” “my Phd in government means that im right” “have you ever had sex with a dr” “i dont see a problem with fucking studnts” and… “informally set up things that involve “naughty” activities…” It should be noted that the group in question is not a sex group in any way, but Vern his predatory behaviour especially towards constantly tries to make it into one with the younger members. I equate almost all of his behaviour when I see him pursuing a younger person as statutory rape. He uses his degree as an intimidation factor and before the younger members get a chance to say no he starts fondling and touching them. I have many private emails that I won’t share (since they were not posted publicly) that support my argument. Yes, he actually enumerates all of his postings in some fashion and never uses capital letters.

He has been warned by the group at large, which unfortunately there is a current support of him because several power players like him for some reason. I take this as a phrase that I believe I coined as “Phd awe”. They don’t know how to tell someone who is obviously full of crap to shut up. I was once baited into an argument with him, which if logic, actual professionals involved in the issues being argued support, direct professional disagreement from many varied sources, as well as anectodotal incidents that support the issue all around then there is no way that he won. Basically, as he realized that he could not win he started back into the name calling and I have a Phd and you don’t argument. He sure is a smartie (sarcasm again).

Well, normally I would ignore this type of trollish behaviour, but since out of the total posts, he nearly writes half of them (usually around 60-120 posts a day on this specific list) it is hard to ignore him or the responses from his group called Lackey Central ™ (sarcasm yet again). For a while, one poster would respond with a “me too” after practically everything he said. Although he finally got off the awe spell and learned to do some moderate thinking on his own. The sad thing is that the group was initially pretty fun until he joined and then it went downhill from there. I want to see if the international organization will disband the group and then start up another new chapter at a later date.

Oh, also, his actions have been reported to the national group since the current president is too afraid to do anything himself. He knows that the Vern Lackeys are vocal and doesn’t want to cause all the stir. Well, when this was brought up at the council, Vern left voluntarily so the council said that should be enough of that. And let it slide. He returned several weeks later with a vengence. I pretty much skip/ignore all his postings since they seem to be pretty degrading to people in general. I just hope that someday he will be thrown in jail for the misuse of his authority for a long time. It would be even better if his degree was rebuked because they found that his general credentials lacked in practically every imaginable dimension.

Thanks for listening.

Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter

Well, Sqrl, I sure hate the bastard.

How important is the group to you? I take it you don’t want to just leave it. There’s probably a way to fix the problem without shutting the whole thing down, tho. Can you direct all this damning evidence toward and administrator, or somebody who’s in charge?

While we’re at it, care to join me in hating my roommate?

Hope you feel better. Unfortunately, there are always some people, usually evil, that just get away with everything. About all you can do is document everything so that eventually he can hang himself (with a little push from you), that and don’t let him see you upset, they love to see people in anguish and if they don’t it upsets them.

Sqrl: The guy sounds like a sicko!

Whew and I thought some around here were bad.

I got a serious question for you though.

I have been playing classical guitar for about 25 years. I noticed you said you had a degree in it.

Not to change the subject, but who do you think the best classical guitarist is?

Also. in case you post someone I haven’t heard of, list who you think is the best “well known” classical guitarist.

I have no degree but I love classical guitar. Never taken a master class either. I am classical trained though.

I saw Segovia in '76 it was a real treat.

Hey Phaedrus…I will post a response to your question in MPSIMS.

Thanks for validating my points. I actually posted some of the more moderate things that he says. It appears that everytime something starts to get done about him he either leaves or has his group of 5 croonies start bitching.


Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter

I forgot to add, I hate keystream’s roommate. He is pretty much a waste of space and air. He could be very popular in the community in which I belong since he is an all around asshole. :wink: (It was a pun, albeit a bad one.) Him and Vern should get together.


It is so cathartic to actually write about these things.

Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter

its not me! my name is bj0rn…not vern. I HATE HIM HATE HIM HATE HIM, even though i dont know him but darn, whoever sounds like that should be hated alot! burned at the stake or something like that.


Talk about a craptacular person. The emails you mentioned- if you have copies of the ones you sent him as well, you have a damn well documented account of his slander. The group should ‘accidentally’ find out that they were ‘anonymously’ sent to each and every one of their emails …

Hey counterattakii,
Sorry for the confusion, but those were public e-mails. The group leadership currently is quite bad as it shows by his continuing presence despite these kind of remarks. Like I said earlier, when he gets mad (which he gets quite often) and starts losing an argument he picks up and leaves for a few weeks. (sigh) I am just waiting for him to not come back but he always does.
Oh well.


PS. It is not bj0rn.

Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter

Here is his most recent inflammatory posting. It was in reference to a one of the members receiving an email from one of his old friends (a girl) who said not to write her if he won’t respond in a timely fashion. The letter she wrote was not quite as nice as that, but you get the idea.

“(a) well, i guess this is what you get for talking to a fish”

I really hate him.


Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter

thanks sqrl :slight_smile:

bj0rn - i hate hating!!!

Sqrl… that guy needs to get that astro-pop outta his ass… it bites you cannot throw the book at him yourself.
You could write a summary of the circumstances of his rantings, and include quotes… and from what you say, that won’t be a challenge… send it to the people in power. And keep a record- cut and paste saves people from going insane…


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That’s where you’re wrong. It’s me, I’m Vern, the baby seal clubber. Bwa Ha Ha.

The IQ of a group is equal to the IQ of the dumbest member divided by the number of people in the group.

Thanks, Sqrl, I appreciate it.

More roommie material forthcoming (mostly the funnier stuff).