About Sony PSP memory card format

Hello! I have modded Sony PSP, and i want to expand my memory card. Im not able to access my PSP from my PC, so i cant inspect the memory card already installed. BUT if i buy, say a 64GB memory card and format it on my PC, what kind of format does the PSP use? Is it standard FAT16 or 32, or is it some Sony propriety format?

Thanks in advance!

Im not leaving any links to modding or piracy, so i hope i dont break any rules.

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You’ll want to use FAT32.

I would try FAT32 first. But how are you going to read or format a card if you can’t access it?

btw there is nothing wrong with “modding” devices! Just make sure you know what you are doing :slight_smile: Especially if there is a soldering iron involved…

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On a Windows PC, formatting a 64GB drive to FAT32 is a bit of a pain. The default format tool in Windows won’t let you do it. (Microsoft wants to put use to exFAT instead.) I recommend the following bit of software to format your 64GB SD card:

Just click the screenshot to download a file called guiformat.exe.