About The Guy Pushing CORAL Pills on TV

How does this guy avoid being sued? He makes specific claims:
-that eating coral will cure cancer
-the pills will reverse heart disease
-people who consume coral calcium don’t get skin cancer
-coral calcium will cure arthritis and MS
Clearly, this stuff is a wonder drug of all time! yest the evil AMA is obviously suppressing this wonderful news.
My question: how can somebody make such claims on TV, and not have toprove them?
Should I goout and buy a case of this stuff right now?


Here’s his disclaimer, which you probably don’t notice on the TV ads:

And he isn’t coming right out and saying, “My pills will cure your cancer.” What he’s saying is this:


Notice that none of those official-sounding cites actually say, “Calcium will cure cancer.”

Legally, this all gives him plenty of wiggle room.

Quackwatch has an essay on this snake oiler: