Absorbine Jr

Before reading today’s Straight Dope on what happened to Absorbine Sr., I had never heard of Absorbine Jr.

Maybe I just haven’t walked down the drugstore aisles enough, or maybe its because I have never had a need for a liniment, but I had no knowledge of this product until today. Ignorance Fought.

Am I alone on this? 25 years on this planet, and I have never heard of this medicine that Cecil is touting as American as Apple Pie. And yes, I am American.

You obviously do not watch enough late night TV!!! :mad:

They used to do a great deal more magazine advertising.

Quick joke on MASH*:

‘What’s so absorbing, Junior?’

Oh, wait… That ended 25 years ago.

One of the best shows, ever. That would be BJ talking to Frank, right?

Anyhow, the article is dated 1997 so it’s 11 years old already. Even at the time, I think the product was a little dated. It had been around since the 1930s. I remember it having been advertised a bunch in the 1970s, a bit in the 1980s, less in the 1990s, and outside of magazines, I don’t see ads for it anymore.

Still has a perfectly good website, though, and seems to be on sale in all the usual markets.

Wow, I read that as BJ the talking Frank. Wouldn’t that be weird…