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I wonder if there was research done in regard to the physical benefits of “real sex”.

If a couple limits their sex to mutual masturbation, no genitals-on-genitals contact, are they physically missing something?
Why do some people resort to paying for it, and in what way are they better off than those who abstain or go solo?

I’ll attempt to answer this part. People I know who pay for sex do so because:

  1. Nobody is willing to have sex with them “for free”.
    B) They want sex without any “strings attached”.
    *) They feel it is good value for the price charged.
    II) Their spouse/SI will not do certain things that a paid liason will do.

There are probably many more also, but I know of real life situations for which these are true.

aka_10003, are you looking for information regarding the results of a Masters & Johnson type study? Or are you looking for informed opinions from the Teeming Millions (that would be better answered in IMHO)?

If you are seeking an actual study, you might need to clarify your question, otherwise one of us Mods could send this over to a Forum where you’ll get better responses.

(You can always check out the Masters & Johnson studies from your local college library. Although the pop version of their answer is “It’s ALL good!” they actually provided a number of different nuances reports.)

I am interested in a more scientific angle – if there is a chemical reaction that occurs
“when genitals meet” that is a a basic human need, why do so many are able to go without it while others HAVE to have it?

Different people have different needs for different stimulus.
Some guys like adrenaline, and go out and get dangerous jobs for kicks. Some other guys think “actuary” is as dangerous a job as they need, and get all their kicks watching reality TV.
Some guys want sex 4 times a day. Some guys want it monthly.
Either sex or danger triggers certain chemical releases.

I don’t think the question the OP is asking is simply about wanting sex more or less than someone else.

It’s about specifically needing sex involving genital-genital contact with another person versus sex that does not (mutual masturbation, solo masturbation, etc.).

More of an “I need to get laid!” versus a simple “I need to get my rocks off” mentality. What (if anything) makes the former necessary for some people, but not for others?

Don’t have an answer, but that was how I read the question.

Interesting question; personally, I’ve always thought mutual masturbation was a highly underrated sex act, but perhaps many people simply don’t get the same thing out of it that they do from “real” sex.