AC or EQ and why?

Asherons Call (Dark Majesty) or Everquest. Which and why?
I hated AO and DAoC was odd. UO was fun but graphics sucked and couldn’t relate enough.

I like EQ but don’t have any experience with AC, so I can’t really offer a balanced opinion.

I’m addicted to EQ (gonna play in a minute, as a matter of fact) as is Astrogirl… but, like Opal, I haven’t tried AC, so cannot comment.

My Paladin gets new spells tonight! Yay! I’ll hit level 15 within a few minutes of logging in!:cool:

My Druid has been at level 26 forever, tho…

go to and look for eq and ac reviews

Although if you decide on ac id wait a bit since ac 2 is coming out soon

but it you like the normal ad&d type of rpg eq is the closest to it online at the moment

Note you gotta have paitence and like people or its going ot be a hard road for your charcter

my advice is buy the 9.95 version and try the free month and if ya like it upgrade to the triology

Count me in on the “addicted to EQ but never tried AC” bunch. One all-encompassing addictive time consuming computer game is enough for me.

Bryllyn’s level 40 now, and just finished up the Mystic Cloak quest. I’ll ding 41 soon… just gotta quit dying…

I’ve given my husband to eq. I’m beginning to think of it as a sacrifice to the gods for whatever evils I’ve committed in my past. Oh, since he’s standing over me watching me type this, he’d like to know what server everyone plays on.

didn’t like DAoC? why not?

are you evil?

EQ is highly addicting, i hope you had no plans of having any sort of social life or SO in your life for the next few months. I play an almost 59 warrior on the ayonae ro server for whoever asked.

Never played AC, but EQ was fun for me for a long while. I met cool people, joined a kickass guild on my server, went nearly everywhere in the game. However, I got pissed finally at the company’s method of handling bugs and finally quit after they slipped a little “we fixed this bug; thanks to so-and-so for sending us the logs and explaining it” when people had been complaining about it, sending logs, explaining it, etc. for at least a year and it’d been getting my character killed every night basically during that time. That was my breaking point.

Oh, and I had a 56th level monk and 51st level enchanter on the Bertox server, plus a few other characters.

Neither! Fight the level treadmill. Don’t fall into Microsoft or Verant’s hands! Join Shadowbane. Check it out at you guessed it, It should be coming out late august slightly before AC2, anyway.

I like Progress Quest myself. Much better graphics, and the gameplay is really deep.

I used to see my husband updstais regularly, and we could carry on normal conversations.

Now he is in the basement with our computer more often than not and out conversations are sprinkled liberally with references to “zoning, rooting, quests, raids and tells” as well as “funny” anecdotes that I don’t get as I don’t play.

Ah well. Thus is EverCrack.

thats why ya buy a copy and a second computer and join him

ironically imtold that 3o percent of the people who play eq are marrried and both spouses play

I have a 60 shaman on Erollisi Marr. My boyfriend and I played together until he retired his 57 enchanter.

I briefly played the first AC and was NOT impressed. I had friends that left EQ for DAoC but then came back, they said the game was strangely not as compelling as EQ.

I probably play way too much, but I figure a lot of folks spend their evenings in front of the TV, at least EQ is a bit more social (demented and sad, but social).

I didn’t like DAoC cause it sucks.

Got sick of paying 13 bucks a month to beta test their game for them.

Moving on to Dungeon Siege for now, just waiting for Shadowbane to come out.

Might give SW: Galaxies a try tho’… if there aren’t too many l33t j3di.

I love EQ, my chanter is 52 now Kehli Firebehli - formerly Kehli Behli- she recently married Braydin Firecaster and they changed last names :slight_smile:

And my necro Baddream Ofkehli is 24, she is uber twinked and has gear to rival any 50 level player (a cool guy I had just met gifted me with a froglok bonecaster robe! worth like 4K!!!)

And Poysyn, I echo what nightshadea said, get a second unit!!

My bro and sis in law play together and its prob saved their marriage.

GLORY!!! you are on emarr??? a 60 shaman you say?? wanna do maiden’s eye some evening?

what are your char’s names?