Accidental boo-boos

My daughter is 3 months old. So far I’ve been trimming her fingernails with special baby nail trimmers without a problem.

Yesterday I nipped her finger with the baby clippers. It was just a tiny nip, but she cried and cried. :frowning: I felt like the worst mom ever.

Please help me to feel better by telling me stories of how you’ve accidently given your kids boo-boos.

My brother in law did that to my niece when she was an infant. My sister made him sleep on the sofa for a week.

I did the same thing to my second daughter when she was about 8 months - old enough that she could connect the action to the result and give me heartbroken looks (Why did you HURT me daddy?) while she cried her eyes out. It did get me out of grooming duties on all 3 kids, so it wasn’t all bad.

I think every parent since the invention of fingernails (or at least nailclippers) has hurt their child in this manner - it is almost a rite of passage :wink:


At least I’m not the only one. A friend of mine told me she used to nibble the fingernails of both her daughters when they were babies, because she was paranoid about nipping them. Teeth aren’t as sharp as clippers, and she could feel her way better and felt like she was less likely to hurt them.

It seemed kind of silly at the time, but now I’m considering it … :smiley:

Lifted my kid up to put him into one of those sling thingys you wear on your chest…

…while standing in a doorway. BONK! Rammed the poor kid’s head right into the top of the doorway. Good thing he doesn’t remember it because he still thinks I’m pretty cool. He turned out okay too. I have to slap the back of his head every once in awhile to uncross his eyes but, otherwise, he’s in pretty good shape.

Not my own kid. My niece. I nearly crushed her fingers once. I was getting frustrated that people kept coming in and out of the living room and leaving the door open (letting the heat out). I was about to slam the door when I saw that she had her fingers in the gap on the hinge side (so the corner would almost certainly have snapped her fingers) I was able to grab the door just after it had left my hand.

I have a niece who was crawling up a set of stairs once. I showed her her bottle and asked if she wanted it. She reached up with both hands to grab for it, and fell over backwards right on her noggin.

I know it did her some minor brain damage, because now she can’t figure out how to get off of her cell phone.

When I was a first-time mom, I was carefully cutting the nails of my little precious teeny tiny infant baby girl and I nicked the side of her precious teeny tiny infant baby girl thumb. She screamed, I saw blood, she wailed, I burst into tears. I was THE WORST MOTHER EVER and how could they have even let me bring her home from the hospital? Were they idiots? They couldn’t see how horrible of a mother I was and that I couldn’t even cut her fingernails right? OMG. I shouldn’t even be allowed to change her diaper. I might drop her… It was a HORRIBLE feeling.

Five years later, second daughter, same set up. Nicked the thumb, saw the blood, heard the scream… told her to get over it, it was just a nick, she’ll live. Ok, not quite that bad, but I simply kissed it, apologized and hugged her and we quickly moved on with life.

You are not a horrible mom. You are a good mom cause you’re taking care of business, doing the best you can. We ALL make many mistakes parenting. Fortunately, you’ll remember this, but your baby won’t. Just do your best and that’s the best you can do.

My mom bit my fingernails off when I was a baby for that very reason.

I dropped my niece when she was a few months old. Didn’t improve her disposition.

Yep, I bite my kid’s nails because I drew blood TWICE with those effing nail clippers. And those were the ones with the wee little magnifying glass!

At least they grow out of scratching their faces eventually.

This is what I did, after nipping my son with the clippers when he was only a week old.

Lifting up my niece (one and a half years old at the time) straight into the heavy glass ceiling light. BONK!

She got over it in a minute or so, but that really made me feel dangerous and stupid.

I was playing peek-a-boo with my nephew when he was young enough not to be able to walk yet. We were sitting on the floor and I would cover my eyes with my hands and then through them open and say “peek-a-boo”. He went to imitate me and he threw his arms open and backwards and then rolled backwards and bonked his head on a leg of the dining table. He cried and I felt bad.

When I was young, I think like 6 or 7, my dad whacked me upside the head with a 2x4. He was carring a couple of them to the shed and I was walking right behind him without him knowing and my mom said something to him and he turned around and hit me in the head. It didn’t really hurt and I did sort of a somersault thing and I thought it was funny but I know he felt bad about it.

I was babysitting my niece when she was tiny, and I gave her a bath. I made sure the temperature was right, the whole nine yards. Triumph!

While lots of people told me how easy it was to get the bath water too hot, no one mentioned how fast their little bodies cooled off. I took her out, laid her on the towel, turned to get something, then turned back to a pathetic, shivering little girl, looking up at me with sad, glimmering eyes! I snatched her up in the towel and cradled her close and felt like the worst Aunt in the world.

I bit my daughter on the arm once when she was a baby…didn’t break the skin, but left a bruise and she cried and cried. I was carrying her in my arms, and was just sort of absently nibbling on her…the old, “I’m gonna bite your nose” type nibble that would make her giggle that you do with your lips covering your teeth (so you look like a toothless old crone). I was grabbing her little tiny shirt with my mouth and tugging on it, and one time I simply forgot and used my teeth…and I caught her skin as well. I felt horrible, but we fortunately survived

You know you’re a new parent when … :smiley:

My second day home from the hospital, my dad dropped me on the hard wood floor. I wasn’t even the first kid so there was no excuse! He also impaled me with a diaper pin. And he wonders why I have a complex…

You remember stuff that happened when you were home from the hospital for two days?

No wonder you’re surly. :smiley:

I let go of kid #1 for a split second while I was changing his diaper, and he rolled off the bed onto the hardwood floor.

I nipped #2’s finger with the nail clippers. After that, I used an emery board to file nails down.

Worst of all, when #3 was just a couple of months old, a strand of my long hair got wrapped around one of his toes inside his footie sleeper pajamas, and almost cut his toe off. That one resulted in a trip to the ER, because the hair was embedded so deep in that little tiny toe; it took 2 doctors with surgical instruments to fix it. I still feel queasy thinking about it, and he still has a little scar.

Every single time my husband puts a child into a car seat, he manages to bonk the kid’s head on the top of the car. Didn’t matter if it was a car, truck, mini-van, whatever, just BONK every time. Happily, all three are big enough to climb into their car seats on their own, now, and their heads aren’t noticeably dented. :smiley: