According to my calculations...the 2 millionth post is upon us

Current time & date: Monday 4/8/2002 10:00PM EDT.

Looks like the 2,000,000th post is due to arrive in 6 days, 12 hours.

That put’s it somewhere near 4/15/2002 10:00AM EDT.

Provided some doper math geek doesn’t throw-out my whole theory, I think this may be some kind of IRS conspiracy, oh never mind.

I pay no notice to my puny post count, but nonetheless offer a prediction, as to who will make the 2 millionth post.

If one the newest members, Witch, is allowed to start a “4 word post” thread, I’m putting my $ on her (I’m assuming it’d be Warlock were she a male).

on the other hand…

If a moderator squashes a “pad your post count” thread the moment it starts, I gotta put my money on SPOOFE, who’s name pops ups at least once on almost every thread I read.

I gotta go call my bookie, see if he’s taking any action

As I posted number 1,000,000 lo those many weeks ago, I’ll offer the honor to someone else.

John M wins the prize coming in just 1 hour 52 mins later than expected