Members: 21,989, Threads: 108,423, Posts: 1,979,062

As of today there are:
Members: 21,989, Threads: 108,423, Posts: 1,979,062

Yesterday there was around 1,975,??? Posts.

In another 4 to 5 days, we will pass our two millionth post.

How do we find out who gets that special prize that I hear (read?) about???


I just added them up and found 1976604. Is there a total post count somewhere I didn’t see?

The two millionth poster will probably be found the same way as the 6 billionth human.

There are many threads about this over in ATMB. Just a sec, I’ll tell you how to find a postid number.

This was post number 2 million. Almost a month old. There was a previous 2 millionth post (something about baked beans), but it was lost in the Winter of our Missed Content.

When you submit a post, you are redirected to that post. The url in your browser is the correct format for finding (or linking to) a specific post. It looks like this: . Replace the numbers with the number you’re looking for (or hover your mouse over the ‘quote’ button to obtain the postid for a post you want to link to), and use that url format to make the link. Easy as pie.

Oh, and as long as I’m making multiple posts to this thread like an idiot, I forgot to tell you to go talk to kabbes if you’re interested in posting statistics. Or do a search on him in ATMB.