So when will the SDMB hit 2 million posts?

My money’s on mid-August, but WTF do I know.

Anyone out there who care to analyze the current posting rate and take a guess? I’d do it, but with the job, the kid, and the wife-with-child, I’ve got all the projects I can handle.

Hmm. A thread about when the board will reach 2 million posts that receives no posts and is started by the Crown Prince of Irony?

Nah. Too easy.

It will hit two million posts a lot later than it would have if the board wasn’t so slow at times. :frowning:

Ask Handy. If anyone can do it, he can. :slight_smile:

Give Handy some crack, it’ll hit 4 million before dusk.

If everyone posted like Flamsterette_X, we’d be there by next week, tops.

But then again, not everyone does. Darn.

Nah, not really… but get me, handy, iampunha, Guinastasia, and whoever else seems to post a lot on here all together! I’m sure we could pump it up and make it in the next couple of weeks, easy! :smiley:

The Flam scares me. :eek:

I ain’t scared by Flamsterette_X, but I am in extreme awe.

(hijack) Bah. Bah I say. Over at Keenspot, back in the good old days before the forums went mindless, Tchernobyl made despot (1000 posts) in 2 weeks IIRC. Skane managed it in less than a month.

The fact that the large number of posts per day over here are, by and large, meaningful posts is <i>totally</i> irrelevant. :slight_smile: After all. It’s not like well over half their posts were in nonsense contests or anything. :wally

It shouldn’t take too long. There are a little over 33000 to go, and if about half of the registered posters make 2 posts per day, thats just over two weeks to reach two million.

The real question is of course if there’s any way to check who got the two millionth post. :slight_smile:

I sayJohnM should get the credit, otherwise you haveto keep the post count on the Message Board front page adjusted for the deleted posts.

So I scare people like TLD, and make people like Ice Wolf gasp in extreme awe… hmm… I have to think about what to do with my new-found power! :cool: :wink: MWAHAHAHAHAHA… :smiley: