Ace O Spades is a wonderful addition to this board

In a current Pit thread a certain poster is flaming Ace O Spades for what appears to be a disagreement on care for pet cats and not like a certain political parties’ members.

Since I don’t (deliberately) post in the Pit, I would just like to say in the appropriate forum, which I think is this one, but Mods, feel free to move it to a better one, that I think Ace O Spades is the cat’s meow. Elucidator light if you will. A find human being. Worthy of admiration and emulation.

Hear, hear!

If you say so.

Not enough meat.

I thought it was a bannable offence to “come out from under the bridge”

<cough> Troll <cough>

I’m assuming they’ll move this to the Pit, since as you well know, that’s the place for disagreements with mod decisions.

Or close it as there is a Pit Thread about this person already…

No, he’s not.