Aceplace57, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Huh. So you’re not aceplace’s sooper sekrit sock?

Imagine his befuddlement when he learns that Justice Kennedy was not, in fact, assassinated twice.

It’s even worse than you suspect. My theory is that he is a mediocre white man intentionally trolling by playing the part of a mediocre white man. So it’s difficult to tell which misstatements of fact are intentional and which are because he really doesn’t have a clue.

I’m actually Vinyl Turnip in a Bullet Club t-shirt.

Hmmm -

3+0+9 = 12
5+7 = 12

Why would one even be surprised by this? It is SOP. Jeez, I wouldn’t trust him to give me the right time of day or the current weather conditions while he was looking out the window.

Here in GQ our boy Acey explains what the dark web is, despite having absolutely no understanding of what the dark web is.

He should really be banned from answering questions in GQ.

I think this fucknuttery was all about him getting his thread title out there.
“**How Serious is Michael Cohen’s violation of Attorney Client Privilege?”

**It’s the way the nutfuck right wingers communicate on social media. You just state something as accepted fact. Boom. There it is. People are saying. Many people are saying. At the very worst, it becomes “alternative fact” which is just A-OK factual enough goldurnit for a fucknut.

Somebody can’t keep his stories straight…

BUST-ED!!! Hehehe


Anyone else, it would be suspicious. Acey? Maybe he just forgot.

I imagine him having a conversation with his wife about how many kids they have, getting it completely wrong at the beginning, then just gradually walking it back and claiming he was saying something else all along.



Hee Hee Hee. Ban the fucker!

I agree.
What else is a lie? Why believe anything from him at this point?

Since the anecdote about his son could have been set any number of years ago, it’s entirely possible that his son died, and that he has two daughters now, but had a son who is no longer alive.

The mods should ask him for an explanation. There’s no point in speculating.

Wut? My sister lost a child. She still refers to him as her child. And always will.

It’s mendacious idiocy, but is that a bannable offense here?

Lying in that fashion is a form of trolling and it’s also being a jerk.